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Phantom & Jackson – “Wolves”

by Miracle

Wolves Cover 3(Photo By Jackson King Beats)

One can never go wrong with musical efforts from a good artist and producer duo. So thought it would be cool to introduce a new one to the site. Phantom is a talent from Philadelphia who is part of a collective that goes by the name of Ill Doots. Ill Doots came together in 2009. They consist of: two rappers, two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, a percussionist, and a keyboard player. Honorary positions in the faction include: a horn section, additional rappers, and singers. They are a versatile assortment of individuals who ultimately just want to make quality music with no restrictions. Their style is described as Jazz infused Hip-Hop with eclectic and lively elements. They don’t just consider themselves a group but a movement.

Jackson King is a producer/engineer from Los Angeles, California. He is in his mid-twenties and has a very open ear for music due to being exposed to all different types of tunes throughout his lifetime. He’s studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood which led to him finding his own original style. He does not like to categorize his sound because he feels like categories create limitations. He dabbles frequently in the genres of: Jazz, Hip-Hop, and R&B, just to name a few.

Recently, Phantom & Jackson King joined forces to create a raw gritty number entitled “Wolves.” The production here is on point. The deep rooted base, thick yet subtle secondary elements, measured tempo, and weighty vibe result in a top notch combination. The hook is intriguing. The delivery is distinctive and the lyrics are forward. The verses are engaging. Phantom exhibits an one of a kind flow, ear catching wordplay, and unapologetic rhymes. He fills the listener in on his views pertaining to the nation’s justice system in a bold way. A handful of signature lines include: “Telling the truth, I’m still angry. I still feel like doing s–t to make you hate me. Walking past you on the street and I can see you hailing. That’s dangerous ain’t it? It’s acceptance. The mind is one of God’s most powerful weapons. I need a mediator to intercept these media inceptions. (…) And at times even today when I see it on your face, present hate. Cause I’m hurt President. And I don’t feel safe.” Those are some intense opening bars right there. Overall, this is a piercing record.

 **My Two Cents: Phantom & Jackson King work really well together. Jackson did a stand up job of lacing the beat on this track. And Phantom came with some heavy content. He got his point across in a way that people won’t easily forget. I enjoyed this offering. I believe fans of aggressive Underground Hip-Hop will dig it too. If readers do happen to like the single, they can find more with the fellas by visiting the links sprinkled throughout the first half of the post. -MinM

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