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King Louie – “Live & Die In Chicago” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

livedie(Photo By King Louie)

In 2012 shortly after getting off of the ground, the site was invited to a listening event for one of the most buzzed about artists in Chicago who went by the name of King Louie. It was a relatively pleasant experience and recently The Illixer was able to reconnect with the windy city rapper. Since the last encounter he has: signed with Epic Records, received accolades from Spin Magazine as well as XXL, worked with fellow Chicago superstar Kanye West, and much more. Present day, he is pushing a song/video entitled “Live & Die In Chicago.” The single is produced by Smylez.

The tune is set to an extremely subdued base coupled with toned-down supporting elements, a lenient tempo, and a hood vibe. The hook is catchy. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are on point. The verses are efficient. King Louie serves up his signature flow, traditional wordplay, and comprehensive rhymes. He does a fine job of filling the listener in on what the streets of Chicago are all about. As a whole, this is a worthwhile offering.

The video was done by DGainzBeats for DG Film. The concept is pretty straightforward. Louie basically just takes the viewer on a trip through the Chi in his own special way. His crew is in full effect for the journey with drinks, smoke, and lots of energy. Louie too performs with an air of charisma that adds a certain draw to the flick. The camera is exposed to a little of everything as it ventures from residential areas to local convenient & retail stores to the central business district where the infamous Chicago Theatre is located. The journey comes to a  finish with an array of  mob shots before fading to a series of end credits. Overall, this is a legitimate vision.

**My Two Cents: I liked both this song & video. I think King Louie did a proper job of representing for his hometown. I enjoyed the personality that he showed in the visuals and how  raw the different locations were. It’s not as turnt up as King Louie’s usual material but I believe readers will appreciate the efforts nonetheless. To stay up to date on the self-proclaimed ‘God of Chicago’ readers can peep his website (see above), follow him on Twitter, and/or follow him on Instagram. -MinM

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