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Cheri Tempo 2

Readers meet California songstress / songwriter, Amber Russell aka Cheri Tempo. Music is an art form that has enveloped Cheri since she was very young. Her parents, involvement in choirs, and the keyboard helped to lay the foundation for her passion. She utilized demos and hook writing for friends to sharpen her craft. Eventually, she found herself amongst some of the more elite names in the music game. Said individuals include the likes of: Mike “Crazy Mike” Foster (Hypnotize Minds Records), Billy Wes (Epic Records), Juicy J, and more. Working with such talents took Cheri’s own skills to new heights and earned her guest appearances on albums by artists such as: Lil Wyte, Project Pat, and $hamrock. Fans instantly took a liking to Miss Tempo’s soulful vocals and production work. All of her success led her to connect with the one and only Luney Tunez (Rihanna -“Loveeeeeee Song”) and his BeatJUUG imprint. The imprint also includes site affiliate $hamrock, now known as IRI$H. Together the trio craft potential hits for industry talents and major projects. Cheri still churns out the occasional tune for herself as well.

livedie(Photo By King Louie)

In 2012 shortly after getting off of the ground, the site was invited to a listening event for one of the most buzzed about artists in Chicago who went by the name of King Louie. It was a relatively pleasant experience and recently The Illixer was able to reconnect with the windy city rapper. Since the last encounter he has: signed with Epic Records, received accolades from Spin Magazine as well as XXL, worked with fellow Chicago superstar Kanye West, and much more. Present day, he is pushing a song/video entitled “Live & Die In Chicago.” The single is produced by Smylez.

As mentioned in a previous post, The Illixer was granted the opportunity to shoot the breeze with music industry figure, Quincy ” Big Heff'” Taylor. Taylor hails from Chicago, Illinois but resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He specializes in marketing and promotions but has his hands in a variety of ventures. One of his most well known being Big Heff’s Industry Tour. He shared the goods on how to be successful in promoting, the biggest con of working in the music business, and much more. Discover what he had to say after the jump.