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Cheri Tempo – “Lost Ones”

by Miracle

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Readers meet California songstress / songwriter, Amber Russell aka Cheri Tempo. Music is an art form that has enveloped Cheri since she was very young. Her parents, involvement in choirs, and the keyboard helped to lay the foundation for her passion. She utilized demos and hook writing for friends to sharpen her craft. Eventually, she found herself amongst some of the more elite names in the music game. Said individuals include the likes of: Mike “Crazy Mike” Foster (Hypnotize Minds Records), Billy Wes (Epic Records), Juicy J, and more. Working with such talents took Cheri’s own skills to new heights and earned her guest appearances on albums by artists such as: Lil Wyte, Project Pat, and $hamrock. Fans instantly took a liking to Miss Tempo’s soulful vocals and production work. All of her success led her to connect with the one and only Luney Tunez (Rihanna -“Loveeeeeee Song”) and his BeatJUUG imprint. The imprint also includes site affiliate $hamrock, now known as IRI$H. Together the trio craft potential hits for industry talents and major projects. Cheri still churns out the occasional tune for herself as well.

What brought her to the site’s attention is her latest personal release, entitled “Lost Ones.” The single is an ode to all of the tragic social issues that are currently plaguing the world today. The record is jointly produced by Luney Tunez and Stunna 1K. The production here is beautiful. The mellow base, complimentary musical elements, unhurried pace, and wistful vibe are a flawless pairing. The hook is a treasure as well. The vocals are emotive and the lyrics are moving. The verses are first-class. Cheri Tempo provides genuine harmonies and thought provoking lyrics as she speaks on the topics of: street violence, police brutality, and the struggles of women. An excerpt from her composition includes: “Young blood, hold up cuz. So quick to raise that gun up. Twist ya fingers and thumbs up. Murk him just for the come up. I know, I know you were raised by straight killers. Taught how to be a man by hustlers and dope dealers. I know mama wouldn’t raise no fool if she was there to raise you. So you do what you have to do.” Those are some powerful words being put forth in that opener right there. And that’s just one of many gripping passages. As a whole, this is an incredible tribute to those being impacted by the ills of today’s society.
**My Two Cents: I’ve been a fan of Cheri Tempo as I’ve heard her on the projects of the artists mentioned in the beginning of the post. She does a mean hook but she’s flat out brilliant as a soloist. “Lost Ones” is everything and perfect for the times that we are currently living in. The production is effortless and fits the theme very well. The content is real and stirring. There is not one moment of this selection that didn’t evoke some type of sentiment within me. Readers not only need to listen to this track asap but they need to share it as well. This is the type of music that needs to go viral. Much love to IRI$H for shooting this one over. -MinM

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