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Pinqy Ring – Herstory: The Lost Chapters (Album Review)

by Miracle

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“Lipstick” (previous video review)

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Female rapper Pinqy Ring officially released her album Herstory: The Lost Chapters earlier this year. It includes the singles “Little Hearts” and “Lipstick” (which were previously featured on the site) along with 15 other promising selections. There are a handful of guest artists on the project as well. The LP serves as Pinqy’s story through song. Her journey is such that anyone can relate to it though with tales of all of the good and bad that life has to offer. Find out which narratives struck a special chord with the site after the break.

“I Cry” (Vocals by C. Rich)
The production here is very appealing. The restful foundation, soothing soulful background details, melodious tempo, and pensive vibe make for a pleasant listening experience. The hook is decent. The delivery is solid and the lyrics are honest. The verses are adequate. Pinqy Ring utilizes an emotion filled flow, vivid wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. She takes the listener through the painful motions of a break-up for which she takes responsibility. That is not a view point that is experienced too often. A couple of lines worth highlighting include: “Another day without him. This is real. It’s like the world is moving but I’m still standing still. I can’t stand it still. But it was me. I pushed him away. I broke his beautiful heart. And now it’s too late. I hope he don’t hate me. I know you’re happy. Know that you’re dating. A broken me is all that I can offer you baby.” Those are some deeply stirring lines right there. Overall, this is a valid and touching number.
“Broke Rapper”
The production here is fetching. The down to earth infrastructure, groovy supporting elements, middling pace, and casual vibe result in a refreshing combination. The hooks is choice. The delivery is creative and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are authentic. Pinqy Ring presents a well polished flow, engaging wordplay, and real life rhymes. She brings the listener into the not so glamorous part of being a rapper – the struggle. Peep it as she spits: “I ain’t got a dollar to my name. My rent two months late. Got laid off. See y’all later. I’m ’bout to bank. Working for the man. Doing that plan. Now I get to rap full time and fans. But I get my unemployment check and it’s half of a half of half? So how I do I live off of this ish? How do I take care of my crib? Lucky me, I ain’t got no kids. But I’d get more help if I did.” One has to respect the cold hard reality laid out within those words right there. The fame and fortune don’t come easily and it’s extremely admirable that Pinqy Ring isn’t afraid to tell it like it is instead of selling the world another fairy-tale. All in all, this song is a gem as well as a site favorite.
The production here is tough. The weighty bass, gritty secondary components, spirited rhythm, and fierce vibe are of a grade A nature. The hook is satisfactory. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are concise. The verses are sufficient. Pinqy Ring offers up a grimy flow, favorable wordplay, and determined rhymes. She paints the image of a head strong female who is on a mission and won’t let anyone or anything get in her way. A few standout lines from her empowering anthem are: “By any means necessary. Take out any adversary. Never turn my other cheek cause I’m a revolutionary. Held as rap royalty. The empress, your highness. But you can call me Pinqy Ring, one of the world’s finest. So don’t you disregard us. Dismiss and never mind us. Do or die, rain or shine, the grind is where you’ll find us. (…) The underground and underdogs is who I do this for.” One has to be impressed by the way Pinqy attacked those opening bars right there. As a whole, this is a winning record.
**My Two Cents: Herstory: The Lost Chapters is a likable album. The life chronicles that Pinqy shares definitely connect with the listener as intended. The production is sharp and all of the guest artists make a valuable contribution to the collective. There are points here and there that could have been a little stronger lyrically but that doesn’t take anything away from the purpose of the content. Which in this case is much more valuable. Pinqy opened up herself for the world to experience and it is a notable journey for sure. Readers should certainly take the trip for themselves though. So hit up the above Audio Mack player or purchase the LP via iTunes as soon as you get a chance. It is well worth it. -MinM

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