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Music Quickies: Pinqy Ring – “Lipstick” (Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000113447167-8vebfs-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Lipstick” (previous review)

Earlier this week, the site put readers on to “Lipstick,” a women’s anthem by Chicago spitter Pinqy Ring. It’s message basically centers around the sentiment that ladies can go just as hard as the fellas without losing or tainting their femininity. Thrilled with the review, Pinqy decided to treat The Illixer by shooting over the visuals to the track.

The video is directed by Wil Diaz with filming handled by Definite Sound Media. The flick opens with a stirring quote about beauty & confidence. From there, the viewer is privy to glimpses of Pinqy all glammed up amidst gritty urban settings as she does her thing. Nice symbolic representation of the song’s theme. Another dope aspect of the piece are the ladies from all different walks of life that are shown rocking their various shades of lip wear. It’s always nice to see women coming together in a display of unity and it’s another great nod to the purpose of the single. The effort closes out on a super cute and youthful note. Readers will definitely get a kick out of this. So go ahead and click play. If readers are digging “Lipstick,” they can find it and much more on Pinqy Ring’s newest LP, Herstory: The Lost Chapters which is currently available via Audio Mack. Album review coming soon so be sure to check back. -MinM

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