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Pinqy Ring – “Lipstick”

by Miracle

artworks-000113447167-8vebfs-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Last year readers met female Chicago spitter Pinqy Ring via her deeply personal song “Little Hearts.” Since that time she has gone on to receive a grant from the windy city towards her music career. She used the opportunity to put her best foot forward in the creative process of her upcoming album Herstory: The Lost Chapters. As a sample of what’s in store, she released a new single titled “Lipstick.” It takes on a completely different tone from her previous effort. The track serves as a reminder that the ladies can still hold their own on the mic despite the fleeting representation that exists in today’s mainstream media. A cool note about the single is that it has been endorsed by the infamous MAC Cosmetics brand.

The production here is dope. The tough foundation, aggressive background elements, unique tempo, and dramatic vibe result in an authentic combination. The hook is engaging. The delivery is colorful and the lyrics are pointed. The verses are choice. Pinqy Ring disperses a distinct gritty flow, vivid wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. Her goal was to return to the true essence of Hip-Hop while adding a bit of feminine flavor. She does that quite nicely. A highlight from her revamping of the femcee image includes: “A queen amongst queens so hand me my throne. I’m damaging shows and ravaging foes. Sometimes I’m a beauty. Sometimes I’m a beast. On weekdays I fast. On weekends I feast on delicate rappers like delicacies. My favorite cuisine, sour emcees. So serve me a platter with more recipes. Bring your best batter, I’ll splatter your team. I’ll scatter your thoughts. I’ll shatter your dreams.” One can not deny the fiery aptitude within those bars right there. Overall, this single is a smash.

**My Two Cents: It is always exciting to hear from an artist following a hiatus. And Pinqy Ring is no different. I was hype when I saw this submission in my inbox and she definitely delivered. The production is beyond fitting and the content is raw. She nails both of her intended objectives, repping admirably for both Hip-Hop and ladies in the music industry. I definitely think readers should give this one an ear. A video for the selection and Herstory: The Lost Chapters are set to drop in the very near future. So keep those eyes and ears peeled. -MinM

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