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Dynamic Equilibrium – “The Formula”

by Miracle

DE-TheFormula(Photo By Sound Cloud)

New York duo Dynamic Equilibrium is back at it again, preparing their supporters for a brand new project. On the one year anniversary of their  Post Crack Era effort, that unleashed a single dubbed “The Formula.” It serves as the first track off of their upcoming offering Formula 9DE. They were going for a leading selection that is light yet still manages to make an impact and that is exactly what they got.

The production here is fresh. The healthy bass, bustling secondary ingredients, complimentary rhythm, and neutral vibe work positively together. The hook is quality. The delivery is likeable and the lyrics are straightforward. There is also some good old fashioned DJ scratching & mixing present which adds a neat touch. The verses are highly commendable. The execution is classic, the wordplay is significant, and the rhymes are striking. One can tell that the duo definitely has the blueprint for something major on their hands. A sprinkling of lines worth mentioning are: “I’m a wild mothaf–ka. Father should have wore a rubber. And my mom should have got her tubes tied after my second brother. But yo I’m here. Got pussies running scared. I’m every single stain on these politicians’ spirit. That’s that thick black hair. Dark Black skin. Black hoodie on. It’s a real black land.” Those are some seriously vivid bars right there. As a whole, this is a very ideal way to kick off the journey to the forthcoming project.

**My Two Cents: I am digging this cut from the fellas of Dynamic Equilibrium. It has a nice smooth  groove to it but manages to still hit the listener with some purpose at the same time. So one receives the best of both worlds: entertainment and enlightenment. Anyone who doesn’t mind a little consciousness with their vibe music should give this one a whirl for sure. It definitely has me looking forward to what the rest of Formula 9DE has to offer. -MinM

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