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Pinqy Ring – “Little Hearts”

by Miracle

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“Little Hearts” (listen/download)

Pinqy Ring is an established female artist from the Windy City (Chicago). With over a decade in the music game under her belt she’s: done numerous performances, received award nominations, graced magazine covers, won contests, and more. In the midst of her career, she took a hiatus to earn her college degree and give back to the community by helping educate other minorities. Unfortunately, she was laid off during the course of her mission. But instead of letting that get her down, she decided to carry on by returning to music. Not only does her music serve as a vessel where she can shed light on important issues and be a voice for others; but it also allows her to be an example to those she represents of someone actively pursuing their dreams.

Her most recent effort finds her sharing a traumatic tale of childhood sexual abuse that she endured at the hands of two different men in the church. Needless to say it had a horrible impact on her but she managed to pull through. She got help as well as found the courage to open up to her friends and family. Now she hopes by sharing her story with the world via her single “Little Hearts” that she will be able to initiate that same road to healing for other victims. The song was produced by EZ of Force One Seven and engineered by Papi Beatz. The production here is decent. The subtle foundation, delicate background elements, lax tempo, and pensive vibe work delectably together. The hook is solid. The delivery has a spoken word feel to it and the lyrics are heavy. The verses are touching. Pinqy Ring presents an emotional flow, candid wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. Though speaking on a very grim subject matter she does provide an inkling of hope throughout as well. A few notable lines include: “Yet on like a soldier we march. Blaming ourselves with our souls ripped apart. Hating yourself cause he crept on ya body. He wasn’t sorry. He didn’t apologize. Now hatred is viewed in ya eyes. They talking like she is so angry, why? Not knowing the reason you find it hard breathing is because ya being is crying inside. And all that you wanted was love.” Those are some deep and intense opening bars right there. All in all, this is a powerful selection.

**My Two Cents: I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Pinqy Ring after hearing this record. It could not have been easy at all for her to drop a record about such an awful situation. She did a really nice job and I believe the song will serve it’s purpose. This was my first time hearing her music and I will definitely be checking for more in the future. On another note, Pinqy has joined forces with an organization called Life-Span. Life-Span specializes in helping victims of domestic & sexual assault. Those looking to help create awareness on the issues, learn more information about them, and/or simply find support should visit that link. -MinM

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