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Zak Downtown – “City’s Ours” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“City’s Ours” (listen/download)

Zak Downtown is an eclectic Hip-Hop artist from the East Coast, New York City to be exact.  He spent most of 2013 preparing music, videos, and more to be released so that he could make some major waves in this new year. His first step in doing so comes by way of his latest single/video “City’s Ours.” It’s a standalone song that samples “HyperParadise (Flume Remix)” by Hermitude. The production here is phenomenal. The quirky off beat components, trendy infectious rhythm, and energetic vibe culminate perfectly together. The hook is capital too. The vocals and delivery are expertly placed. The lyrics are unfaltering. The verses are premium. Zak Downtown shells out a flow drenched in charisma, keen wordplay, and lofty rhymes. He conveys a dauntless message regarding his plans for success in this Hip-Hop game. A handful of noteworthy lines include: “Get it while you can man. Cause ain’t nothing out here certain. S–t the city is a jungle. I’m a mothaf—ing lion. If I’m lying shoot me down. And I know mothaf—as trying. But it’s black & white that Zak is nice. And yo advice is bad advice. That’s why I never take it. I just take trips and travel light.” One has to dig Zak’s confidence in those bars right there. Overall, this track is a certified banger.

The video was done by Ricky Shabazz and edited by Elan Alexander. It’s presented via a circular shaped screen. The storyline for the visuals focuses on Zak while he steps out to enjoy various aspects of the city. He takes part in a diverse collective of ventures from eating Chinese food to going for a stroll on the bridge. There are lots of opulent motion, angle, and color tricks that add a layer of pizzazz to Zak’s journey. The flick concludes with quick glimpses of city sights, some artistic on screen lyric shots, and one last brief look at Zak himself. As a whole, this was an originative offering.

**My Two Cents: This song and video won me over straight out the gate. I loved the production, the hook was well done, and the verses were entertaining. Zak Downtown has a very appealing style about him. I think he made great use of the sample. The video was fresh too. I liked the whole circular screen element and the various special effects were on point. This was a grade A introduction to Zak and an excellent way for him to kick off the year. Readers need to check him out pronto. -MinM

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