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Bad Newz – The Comeback (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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The Comeback (listen/download)

Bad Newz is a member of the Southside’s well known Street Team Inc family. Not too long ago he dropped a brand new project titled The Comeback. It is a 16 track offering complete with features from the likes of: Son Em’ All, Cezar, Hektik, and a couple of other 414 favorites. It has sparked quite a buzz and even earned him a headliner spot at The Uptowner tonight. Thus, figured the site should dive in and explore to see exactly what the big deal is. Find out after the break.

“The Meet N Greet” F/ EZ Money & Son Em’ All

The production here is fly. The low level bass, uncanny musical components, medium tempo, and earnest vibe make for a worthwhile combination. The hook is legit too. The deliveries are energetic and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are good. Bad Newz is first up, EZ Money takes over the mic next, and the infamous Son ‘Em All brings it home at the end. All three artists present signature flows, competent wordplay, and blazing rhymes. They ensure that anyone who didn’t know them before the song won’t forget them any time soon once it’s over. Peep as Bad Newz spits: “All you b—hes do is talk about it – Ricki Lake. Be about it or don’t be around it. When we around we see about it. On the block my s–t is buzzing. I don’t expect s–t. Cause my pops ain’t give me nothing. I’m a be me to the grave. They can’t stop me. N—a f–k ’em. Time to show ’em who I am. Cause I forgot the introduction.” Those are some striking bars right there. Overall, this track is a banger as well as the site favorite off of the mixtape.

“Alone With My Thoughts”

The production here is solid. The abundant foundation, subtle background elements, labored rhythm, and sober vibe pool together nicely. The hook is intriguing. The delivery is clean cut. The lyrics paint a vivid picture: “Aye can you please leave the room? And on your way out hit the switch. Cause I don’t need no light in here. Now it’s just me up in this b—h. So can I be alone with my thoughts? I just wanna be alone with my thoughts.” Those words give off a deep sentiment. The verses are decent. Bad Newz serves up a natural flow, personal wordplay, and significant rhymes. He really opens up to the listener about some things that are weighing heavy on his mind. A handful of noteworthy lines are: “I make my way to the room and slam the door. Feelings I can’t ignore. I run from myself like I never ran before. Stuck in a cycle. You’re right, it’s unmistakeable. You wanna share your opinion? I’m unavailable. I smoke continuously. That’s just a band aid. I’m on the edge of stepping into a rampage. And blowing up stations cause of growing frustrations.” There is a lot of inner turmoil being reflected in those bars. All in all, this is a well done selection.

“Size Elevens” F/ Cezar

The production here is valid. The reserved infra-structure, charismatic secondary ingredients, leisurely gait, and hood vibe mesh favorably together. The hook is adequate. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are concrete. The verses are choice. Bad Newz handles the first half of the song and Cezar represents on the second half. Both artists go in via pronounced flows, first-class wordplay, and no-nonsense rhymes. They properly convey the message that they are one of a kind individuals with impossible shoes to fill. Some lines worth observing from Bad Newz include: “We might be alike. We might share interests. But these my size 11’s until I get buried in ’em. I give ’em the truth. These n—as just scared to listen. I dare you n—as to take my burdens in your own hands. Take my obstacles and hurdle them. Go hard til the buzzer. I see the vultures is circling. Just give me a blunt to split and put my purple in. And I’m a show ’em why they can’t fit the f–king shirt I’m in.” Those are some stirring opening bars. As a whole, this is another promising effort.

**My Two Cents: The Comeback is a quality mixtape. The production was kosher. The content was satisfying. And the guest appearances were fittingly chosen. My only critique would be for Bad Newz to add a little more magnetism to his flow as well as try to go for a more diverse range of beats. Otherwise, its a fine project. I dig it. For more from the tape, be sure to check out the powerful visuals for his song with Trunk Bussa entitled “Mind Made Up” below. -MinM

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