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Music Quickies: Cezar – “Road 2 Riches” (Video)

by Miracle

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“Road 2 Riches” (listen/download)

Cezar dropped a video to his popular single “Road 2 Riches” at the beginning of this month. It was put together by Luke Marlowe. There is no particular theme to the flick. It more or less just displays Cezar in two different locations as he takes the viewer through the track. One of said locations is a brick residential area that happens to be where he lays his head and the other location happens to be outside on the UW-Milwaukee campus. Not sure if it was done intentionally but the settings provide great symbolism of the two different worlds he juggles on a regular basis which is also referenced in the song.

Additionally, his personal demeanor reflects the differences as well. On his home front, he’s more colorful as he’s decked out in his signature hats and shades. As a campus man, he’s more laid back and sans accessories. He brings a likeable spirit to the piece too. His mannerisms provide a savvy touch to the viewing. There are some clean transitions, neat angles, and cool shadow work at play as well. As a whole, this is a legitimate effort. It would have been slicker to see a more literal interpretation of the song though. Cez would have had the chance to flex his acting chops and there would have been a more mini movie type of feel to the video. But it’s definitely still worth the watch. So be sure to click that play button. -MinM

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