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“Smoke” F/ IRI$H (previous review)

“Lost Ones” (previous review)

BeatJUUG artist Cheri Tempo rung in her birthday a couple of days ago by releasing a brand new EP for her fans to add to their musical collections. It is creatively labeled Purple Noise. It contains seven tracks total, two of which the site previously reviewed (see above), “Smoke” and “Lost Ones.” Also, there are a sprinkling of guest appearances from the likes of: IRI$H, The Crush Boys, and Flu. The Illixer selected three additional tracks to dive into for the purpose of giving a bit of insight into the project. Continue reading to discover which songs those were and more.

_BeatJUUG - Cheri Tempo - Smoke ft. IRI$H (prod by Luney Tunez & Klassik)(Photo By Sound Cloud)

West Coast songbird Cheri Tempo (BeatJUUG) has made her way back onto the site. This time around it’s via a collaboration that she did with site regular, IRI$H. The two joined talents to create a relationship based tune dubbed “Smoke.” The single is jointly produced by Luney Tunez & Klassik. To give readers a more personal perspective on the record as well as her gifts, Miss Tempo was kind enough to engage us in a short little Q&A. Take a peek after the break.

Cheri Tempo 2

Readers meet California songstress / songwriter, Amber Russell aka Cheri Tempo. Music is an art form that has enveloped Cheri since she was very young. Her parents, involvement in choirs, and the keyboard helped to lay the foundation for her passion. She utilized demos and hook writing for friends to sharpen her craft. Eventually, she found herself amongst some of the more elite names in the music game. Said individuals include the likes of: Mike “Crazy Mike” Foster (Hypnotize Minds Records), Billy Wes (Epic Records), Juicy J, and more. Working with such talents took Cheri’s own skills to new heights and earned her guest appearances on albums by artists such as: Lil Wyte, Project Pat, and $hamrock. Fans instantly took a liking to Miss Tempo’s soulful vocals and production work. All of her success led her to connect with the one and only Luney Tunez (Rihanna -“Loveeeeeee Song”) and his BeatJUUG imprint. The imprint also includes site affiliate $hamrock, now known as IRI$H. Together the trio craft potential hits for industry talents and major projects. Cheri still churns out the occasional tune for herself as well.

artworks-000072407833-nqyxa9-t500x500(Photo By Live Mixtapes)

“Out The Game” (previous review)

Iri$h x $avage (listen/download)

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend $hamrock released a brand new EP titled Iri$h x $avage, just in time for his supporters to jam out during their St. Patrick’s Day festivities. While it is always exciting to get new music from the Southern talent, it was also a slightly sad moment. He revealed in his promo Q&A with The Illixer that the EP marks his last project for a bit. He is instead going to refocus his efforts on songwriting and vocal production for other artists. Which is work he carries out with his homie Luney Tunez via his #BeatJUUG faction. So did he go out on a high note? Continuing reading after the break to find out.


“Another Minute” F/ $hamrock (listen/download)

In honor of his new EP Iri$h x $avage dropping on St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) at 3:17pm , our favorite Irish rapper $hamrock stopped by to premiere a new track. The R&B flavored “Another Minute” is actually a collaboration between $ham and new fellow artist Suganotes, both members of super producer Luney Tunez #BeatJUUG stable. The single is a departure somewhat from the energy of his last album Money Green and #GreenTeam mixtape. So $ham once again took time for a quick Q&A to share a few details about the new direction and brought a special guest with him. Check it out after the break.