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Suganotes F/ $hamrock – “Another Minute”

by Miracle


“Another Minute” F/ $hamrock (listen/download)

In honor of his new EP Iri$h x $avage dropping on St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) at 3:17pm , our favorite Irish rapper $hamrock stopped by to premiere a new track. The R&B flavored “Another Minute” is actually a collaboration between $ham and new fellow artist Suganotes, both members of super producer Luney Tunez #BeatJUUG stable. The single is a departure somewhat from the energy of his last album Money Green and #GreenTeam mixtape. So $ham once again took time for a quick Q&A to share a few details about the new direction and brought a special guest with him. Check it out after the break.

The Illixer: What’s up $ham! Thanks for checking in with us again, this song “Another Minute” is hot! We know it’s on your new Iri$h x $avage EP but is this technically your song? We hear a lot of the very talented Suganotes on this one.

$hamrock: I’m glad you asked that. Suga is an amazing, talented friend of mine and we’ve been writing tons of records together for Luney Tunez, as well as her upcoming EP. We made this collab thanks to our dude Stunna, who is also #BeatJUUG. I loved it so much I asked Suga if I could put it on my EP too and luckily she said I could! I love the record, I think it does a great job of painting a picture. The vocals and production are amazing to me.

TI: Agreed, tell us more about your work with Suganotes as this seems very different from some of your previous musical output.

$hamrock: Suga, or Suga Shug as I call her, is amazing as previously mentioned. She’s a mom, a devoted wife, and a gifted singer. We have a really close vibe when we work on stuff, not afraid to change something or try something new. In fact, I’d rather she tell you than me because I think she has such a cool perspective!

TI: Okay, we can shift gears. What’s up Suganotes? Introduce yourself to The Illixer readers, tell us where you’re from, and what you do.

Suganotes: Hello, what’s goodie! I am Crystal Johnson, also known as Suganotes, and I am from the beautiful land of Atlanta, GA.

TI: Your voice is pretty impressive. When and where did you first get started singing? Who were some of your biggest influences growing up and who are some of your biggest musical influences now?

Suganotes: I started singing at the tender age of four. I was singing “Straight Up Now Tell Me” by Paula Abdul, and my love for Pop/R&B grew! Growing up, I was in love with many vocalists such as: Deborah Cox, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Vivian Green. I loved their strong voices. My biggest musical influences now will have to include those I’ve mentioned with the addition of: Tamar Braxton, John Legend, and Adele.

TI: We heard that you have a new EP coming soon and that you have been working with super producer Luney Tunez and his #BeatJUUG team. Can you tell us the title of the EP, the meaning behind the title, and how you linked up with Luney Tunez?

Suganotes: The title of the EP is Another Man’s Treasure which signifies my growth in my music and how I’ve evolved from the “yester-years” of my life. Those moments when people considered my dreams of being a writer/singer, trash talk. And well you know what they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Linking up with Luney Tunez to me was an act of God. The experience of watching his grind and faithfulness in his music since 2007 helped me understand that dreams can come true, but you have to be willing to put in work for those dreams! Luney has always told me that he believes in me, to never give up, and no matter what put God first. My buddy! I am so proud of him.

TI: We enjoyed the track “Another Minute” that features $hamrock and he told us you let him include it on his new EP Iri$h x $avage. This track is soulful & smooth but also kind of edgy & real. Who produced it and is this the overall sound that you are going for with your new EP?

Suganotes: Yes, “Another Minute” it does have a soulful and edgy feel to it. If only you knew what was going on at the time. It was produced by a #BeatJUUG producer Stunna, also known as Darius Harris who is an amazing arranger. I would consider the overall sound to be a mixture of personalities that I possess, which can be soulful, funky, edgy, and a bit of the unknown!

TI: Tell us three of your future goals with your music that you want to accomplish in the industry and also describe your music in three words.

Suganotes: (1) My biggest goal I want to accomplish with my music in the future is to provide a deeper spiritual meaning. (2) To speak on nothing but the truth of my life to my listeners. (3) To inspire others to know that their dreams are treasures no matter what. The three words I would use to describe my music would have to be: healing, vibrant, and colorful.

TI: Excellent! We look forward to all the new music Suganotes. Okay $ham, you’re not off the hook just yet, we still have a few more questions. This EP title Iri$h x $avage is very creative, where did it come from?

$hamrock: Well, it just kind of signifies my current state. The savage aspect is just doing whatever you have to in order to provide and achieve. Obviously the Irish aspect is my way to represent my heritage and my family. Of course, the dollar signs make it represent my musical journey as well.

TI: We see some familiar faces and some new ones as well being associated with the EP; who did you enlist to work on this album?

$hamrock: All of my music is getting more melodic and vocally-driven, including all of the music we’ve been writing for Luney. On this project I wanted to showcase that side of my artistry. I wrote the hooks for “Nightmares” sung by Lee Lee out of Nashville, “Out Tha Game” sung by David Ray out of Nashville, and “#JeepBoyz” sung by Dain out of ATL. “Ride Or Die” and “Another Minute” were two really dope tracks I was asked to feature on and they brought that melody too. “Drop It Off” was a remix DJ Insane asked me to jump on and it’s that classic mystic underground sound. I also got verses from Mi$cellaneous, Brabo Gator, & Luney. This project feels familiar to my music and also new at the same time.

TI: Thanks for breaking that down. Is this EP a pre-cursor to an LP on the horizon?

$hamrock: No, this will be my last rap project for awhile. I really want to focus on my songwriting and vocal production for other artists. I’m actually having a lot of fun just listening to rap music and being a fan at the moment. I could never say I’m hanging it up, but I’m definitely taking a step back to grow creatively.


**My Two Cents: This was a fun little Q&A and the first one of it’s kind for the site. Plus, it’s always a treat to get to know new artists. Suganotes seems like a super cool chick. “Another Minute” is a wonderful record. It’s an honor to be able to help $ham and Suga share it with the rest of the world. A review of the single will be included with the site’s upcoming overview of Iri$h x $avage.  Be sure to download your copy on the 17th via Dirty Glove Bastard. Also, make sure to help spread the word and tell a friend or two. Sad to hear $ham is stepping back from rap for a while but we wish him nothing but the best in his new ventures. If the above picture is any indication, he seems to be having a blast with it all and that’s what’s important. -MinM

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