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Luney Tunez is a name that is no stranger to the site or the music industry. He has been behind many a hit from some of your favorite artists like: Rihanna, Future, $hamrock/Yung Irish, etc. Recently, he decided to switch up the game a bit by unleashing a single of his own under the moniker LUNE. It is called “Bankroll Bounce” and is jointly produced by Luney himself and Alabama taste-maker M16 Beats (Playaz Circle, Young Jeezy). It debuted on the music site Dirty Glove Bastard.

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“Out The Game” (previous review)

Iri$h x $avage (listen/download)

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend $hamrock released a brand new EP titled Iri$h x $avage, just in time for his supporters to jam out during their St. Patrick’s Day festivities. While it is always exciting to get new music from the Southern talent, it was also a slightly sad moment. He revealed in his promo Q&A with The Illixer that the EP marks his last project for a bit. He is instead going to refocus his efforts on songwriting and vocal production for other artists. Which is work he carries out with his homie Luney Tunez via his #BeatJUUG faction. So did he go out on a high note? Continuing reading after the break to find out.


“Another Minute” F/ $hamrock (listen/download)

In honor of his new EP Iri$h x $avage dropping on St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) at 3:17pm , our favorite Irish rapper $hamrock stopped by to premiere a new track. The R&B flavored “Another Minute” is actually a collaboration between $ham and new fellow artist Suganotes, both members of super producer Luney Tunez #BeatJUUG stable. The single is a departure somewhat from the energy of his last album Money Green and #GreenTeam mixtape. So $ham once again took time for a quick Q&A to share a few details about the new direction and brought a special guest with him. Check it out after the break.

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“Out The Game” F/ Brabo Gator & David Ray (listen/download)

Long time site affiliate $hamrock recently gave his supporters a huge reason to celebrate when he dropped the big news that he’d be releasing new music soon. He’s decided to grace the masses with an EP on the 17th aka St. Patrick’s Day. It’s been dubbed Iri$h x $avage and will be hosted by DJ Ritz of course, along with website Dirty Glove Bastard. At the beginning of the week he leaked the first single off of the project “Out The Game,” which includes guest appearances from fellow artists Brabo Gator and David Ray. It was produced by Drew Nel.