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$hamrock F/ Brabo Gator & David Ray – “Out The Game”

by Miracle

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“Out The Game” F/ Brabo Gator & David Ray (listen/download)

Long time site affiliate $hamrock recently gave his supporters a huge reason to celebrate when he dropped the big news that he’d be releasing new music soon. He’s decided to grace the masses with an EP on the 17th aka St. Patrick’s Day. It’s been dubbed Iri$h x $avage and will be hosted by DJ Ritz of course, along with website Dirty Glove Bastard. At the beginning of the week he leaked the first single off of the project “Out The Game,” which includes guest appearances from fellow artists Brabo Gator and David Ray. It was produced by Drew Nel.

The production here is smoking. The leaden foundation, serious reticent musical elements, deliberate tempo, and matter-of-fact vibe gel together flawlessly. The hook is on fire too. David Ray serves up perspicuous vocals and deep expressive lyrics. The verses are substantial. $hamrock tackles the first verse and Brabo Gator steps up on the second. The duo are equipped with pronounced flows, official wordplay, and raw piercing rhymes. They do a praise worthy job of relaying the mindset of an individual who’s caught up in a struggle but trying to keep their head up. A few striking lines from $hamrock are: “I’m on that sizzurp to ease my mind. Pour up a couple shots or on the rocks and take it down. If I’m with my dawgs, I need another round. Cause we started down bad on the other side of town. Shoebox half full but I want that b—h to overdose. Can’t let my pockets run dry. I’m a need that overflow. I brung my check up. I need that zero overload. I’m trying to maintain but I can’t do that sober though. I’m trying to rake up while I’m young but it won’t last forever. Trying to get my s–t together. Make a way. Do something better. I feel like I ain’t s–t if I can’t find a way out.” One has to appreciate the upfront and emotional nature of those bars right there. Overall, this is an optimal choice for a first leak.

**My Two Cents: As a major supporter of $hamrock and his music, I was ecstatic to hear that he was releasing a project this month. I was even more thrilled when this song dropped this past Monday. It was incomparably packaged and the theme is one that everyone can relate to. If readers are digging the tune, they should be sure to keep an eye on the site. There’s a special post in the works coming just a few short days before Iri$h x $avage is set to take over the web. -MinM

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