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$hamrock & Locodunit – “Talk About Guns”

by Miracle

MAFIA $$ COVER(Photo By $hamrock)

“Talk About Guns” (listen/download)

$hamrock & Locodunit have bestowed another leak off of their upcoming collaboration mixtape Mafia $$, which is due out in just two short days. It will be featured on popular Hip-Hop site Dirty Glove Bastard and it will be hosted by the one and only DJ Ritz. The second leak off of the tape is titled “Talk About Guns” and it entails production by Drew Nel. The production turned out ace. It consists of: a voluminous bass, a deliberate gait, loaded musical elements, and a hood vibe. The hook is shipshape too. The delivery is evident and the lyrics are addicting. The verses are hard-nosed. $hamrock is first to take the mic for a spin and Locodunit rides it out next. Each artist serves up patented flows, gritty wordplay, and satiating street rhymes. The duo make it very clear that the pistol toting world has little to no room for non-sense. It’s all business. A handful of lines worth savoring from $hamrock include: “You thought that trap s–t was groovy. Until the cartel want yo body gone. Real s–t, no movie. Most these rappers acting. And all they doing is stunting. So I’m a keep it one hundred for them youngins coming under. Motherf–ka gotta gun. He either got money or he taking money. Carry s–t for fun. Then you a clown. You ain’t making money. All them chances you taking when you slanging. I’m saying. If you need that s–t then keep that s–t. But don’t pull the thang unless you plan to bang it.” $ham spit some serious words of wisdom in those bars right there. All in all, this is another hit for the Southern super team.

**My Two Cents: This track was really well done. Drew Nel showed out on the beat. And $ham & Loco knocked it out the park with their contributions. I’d even go so far as to say that this is lyrically their best joint record so far. Which makes the pending release of Mafia $$ that much more exciting. I know there are more jewels in store. Make sure to hit those links and follow the fellas on Twitter so that you don’t miss the big release on Thursday. -MinM

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