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Kaylee Crossfire F/ Kia Rap Princess, Lady SabO, Young Key, & Remedy Da Kure – “Female Takeover” (Video)

by Miracle

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Singer/rapper Kaylee Crossfire has been quiet for some time now. However, a couple of days ago she ended her silence in a major way. She did the seemingly impossible and gathered some of the hottest femcees in the Mil together on one track/video. The artists she rounded up were: Kia Rap Princess, Lady SabO, Young Key, & Remedy Da Kure. The ladies dubbed their collaboration, “Female Takeover.” The record was produced by JBreezz Beatz. The production is insane. The booming foundation, climactic background ingredients, eccentric pace, and animated vibe; blend cohesively together. There is no hook on this one. The transitions between the ladies goes off without a hitch though. The verses are favorable. Each femcee came with her own original flow, striking wordplay, and heavy hitting rhymes. They made their presence felt loud and clear. Remedy Da Kure seems to be the fan favorite. She definitely ended the song with a bang. Overall, this was a one of a kind four star collaboration.

The video was directed by Champ Robinson. It takes place in and around an abandoned location where the ladies just so happen to have a few of their fellow male artists in a less than ideal predicament. The unlucky gentlemen include Hektik (Street Team) and C. Mills. Kaylee Crossfire does her thing first. Decked out in a sexy all black number, she lets it be known that she is more than just a pretty face. She also serves as the ring leader in the kidnapping of the guys. Kia Rap Princess slides through next. Rocking a ski mask and her signature too cool for school mannerisms, she definitely brings a regal element to the table. And it appears as if she took on the role as a lookout of sorts. Lady SabO turns up following the princess. She gives the camera the perfect combination of diva & gangsta, providing a vivid portrayal of what a self made female looks like. She was Miss Crossfire’s accomplice in taking the male captives. Young Key comes in behind SabO. She implements some comic relief via her colorful interrogation of the hostages and additionally brings a freshness to the project as she is a fairly new face. Last but not least, Remedy Da Kure takes things home. Her quirky style and knockout bars were a fitting conclusion to the flick. When the ladies aren’t doing their thing for the camera, they can be seen roughing up their prisoners in the background. Poor guys (lol). All in all, this was a fly entertaining set of visuals.

**My Two Cents: I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this collaboration. The song itself was a winner. All of the ladies killed their verses and the production was superior. The video was great. It showcased the ladies being about their business while at the same time having a little fun. I would have liked to see the kidnapping storyline developed just a bit more though. However as a whole, this is one of the best group/posse songs to come out of the Mil to date. Major salute ladies, way to come together! -MinM

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