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Netta Brielle – Will You Go With Me? (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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“More To A Kiss” (previous review)

Will You Go With Me? (listen/download)

In the previous post regarding Atlantic Records R&B artist Netta Brielle, readers were hip to the fact that she currently has a mixtape out that she’s been promoting. The tape is called Will You Go With Me? and it contains a total of eleven tracks. The content is a combination of: Netta’s spins on a few old school R&B hits, interludes, and a couple of all original tunes. The project serves to give music lovers a preview of what Netta has in store with her upcoming debut album. Find out what cuts shined from this modern 90’s style collective, after the jump.

“Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)”

This is Netta’s take on the smash single of the same name by male R&B group, Mint Condition. The intro from the original song kicks off this rendition. From there, the production comes in. The soulful elements from the primary single are blended with a fresh eclectic beat that has a very refined tone to it. So it still has the groove that captured listeners back in the day but with a fitting twist. The hook and verses are the same as the initial single. However, Netta Brielle breathes new life into the track. Her spotless delivery, down to earth tone, and dazzling vocals are very rejuvenating. She embodied the essence of the track effortlessly. In the end, this is a champion remake.

“Rain” F/ Coko

This song was produced by The Co-Captains. It’s a remix of a hit single with an identical title by popular girl group SWV and actually features member Coko. That is pretty epic. The beat is once again changed up from it’s predecessor. It maintains a similar pattern with a slow tempo but infuses a novel component. The background melodies and ad-libs serve as part of the beat with the actual musical pieces being more subtle. It gives the record an almost acapella type of feel. It was a very innovative approach. As before, the hook and verses remain unchanged. The ladies give such a breathtaking performance though that the listener won’t mind at all. Their vocals are strong and sweetly in tune. The passion they exude evokes just as much emotion from the listener as the original single did back in 1997. Overall, this is another blue ribbon rendering by Netta Brielle. It’s not surprising at all this is one of the fan favorites off of the tape.

“It’s The Weekend” F/ B.o.B

The Co-Captains are behind the boards on this track too. This is one of the completely original offerings on the tape. The production here is hot. It is composed of: a hearty foundation, super infectious rhythm, spirited secondary musical ingredients, and a strong club vibe. The hook is fierce too. The vocals are on point. The lyrics are fun and easy to keep in mind. The verses are top of the line as well. Netta Brielle slays the first two portions of the song. She brings favorable vocals with a sassy tone and valid lyrics. B.o.B comes in on the third part and owns it. His token flow, keen wordplay, and premium rhymes, were an ideal add-on to the record. The duo did a very impressive job of creating a banging anthem for everybody’s favorite part of the week. Noteworthy lines from Netta include: “Good God almighty. Damn if this ain’t a party. Only dimes up in here. You ain’t have to invite me. All my girls independent. If we got it, we spend it. What we want up in here, we just go and we get it. We got sparklers on the bottles. Spikes on the heels. Standing on the couches like we at home for real. We only rock the dopest. Then we Instagram the moment.” Sleek words by the Bay Area diva right there. All in all, this is a chart topper and a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: Will You Go With Me? is a first-class mixtape. Netta Brielle did her thing from start to finish. The covers and original songs are equally fabulous. Her vocals were consistently enjoyable and her lyrics were satisfactory. And the production on the tape was of high grade quality. In it’s entirety Will You Go With Me? ranks a 4/5. Readers are highly encouraged to give it a listen or two. -MinM

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