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Cheri Tempo – Purple Noise (EP Review)

by Miracle


“Smoke” F/ IRI$H (previous review)

“Lost Ones” (previous review)

BeatJUUG artist Cheri Tempo rung in her birthday a couple of days ago by releasing a brand new EP for her fans to add to their musical collections. It is creatively labeled Purple Noise. It contains seven tracks total, two of which the site previously reviewed (see above), “Smoke” and “Lost Ones.” Also, there are a sprinkling of guest appearances from the likes of: IRI$H, The Crush Boys, and Flu. The Illixer selected three additional tracks to dive into for the purpose of giving a bit of insight into the project. Continue reading to discover which songs those were and more.

“Bad One”

The production here is dope but a little unconventional. It is made up of a full base, atmospheric supporting details, a middling gait, and an alternative style vibe. The hook is refreshing. The vocals are passionate and the lyrics are heartfelt. The verses are essential. Cheri Tempo offers up soulful magnetic harmonies and revealing lyrics. She creates a different perspective of the ‘bad girl’ image that evokes sentiments of both empathy and hope. A highlight from her musings includes: “I was a queen of self-destruction. A masterful seductress. Just until I fulfilled my needs. Just couldn’t stick around enough to start to care. I know that I was crooked. I know it wasn’t fair. Love was around the corner but I just couldn’t see. So I’m hoping and praying you’ll see the good in me.” It doesn’t get any more open & honest than those lines right there. In the end, this is a very valid tune with a message that is sure to benefit at least one person who hears it.


Just a quick note on the title: the letters are a representation of the phrase ‘Mr. & Mrs. Fix It.’ The production here is appealing. The polished foundation, nostalgic background components, leaden rhythm, and uninhibited vibe result in a highly favorable combination. The hook is on point as well. The vocals are gripping and the lyrics tie into the feel of the beat perfectly. Especially the brief Aaliyah-esque section. The verses are of a top-rate quality. Cheri Tempo utilizes savvy harmonies and expressive lyrics as she breaks down the fundamentals of an unhealthy relationship. A couple of lines that are worth rewinding are: “I’m getting so sick of you feeding me fiction … til I catch you slipping and I get to tripping. Crying, breaking dishes. You said you’d be different. That’s when you start kissing on me. And touching on me. And I fall for it cause I don’t do too well with lonely. ‘I love yous’ and ‘I miss yous’ are like band-aids on our issues til’ we’re broken again. Just wondering …” Everyone has had that one significant other who had a dangerous hold over them and these words portray the scenario effortlessly. Overall, this selection is another good look for the collective.

“You Ain’t Alone” F/ Flu

The production here is slick. It incorporates a trendy infrastructure, plush secondary ingredients, an upbeat tempo, and snazzy vibe. The hook is of a four star quality. The vocals are charismatic and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are exceptional. Cheri Tempo slays the first half of the track. She goes in with rich melodies and bona fide lyrics that detail the frogs that she had to put up with in her past in order to get to her prince charming. Flu gracefully closes out the end portion. His clean crisp flow, novel wordplay, and personality laced rhymes go hand in hand with the established theme and nature of the tune. A handful of lines to be aware of from Cheri are: “Time went on and I met another one. He put it in my mind I should look like the other ones. So I never ate. Lost a lot of weight just for him to say I liked you better the other way. (…) And I found you. I know I was a mess. But you protect my heart like a bullet proof vest. I could roll you in a blunt. That’s how much you ease my stress. Boy you got me wondering how I ever settled for less.” Who wouldn’t want a love that makes one feel like the latter half of those words right there? Especially transitioning from such messed up previous relationships. All in all, this is record is A-1 and the ultimate site favorite off of the EP.

**My Two Cents: Purple Noise is everything that one could hope for in a well rounded EP. The production is of a professional grade as well as versatile. All of the guest artists rise to the occasion. And Miss Cheri out does herself with the content. Her hooks are catchy and the picturesque nature of her verses is unreal. One can easily envision her words as if they are right in the middle of the situation that she is singing about. And she touches on a wide variety of topics. So there is something present for all types of individuals. Readers will be doing themselves a serious disservice if they do not check out this album. Cheri Tempo is proof that REAL talent most definitely still exists in the music industry. Oh and a Happy Belated Birthday to her on behalf of The Illixer staff. -MinM

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