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$killz F/ Petti Hendrix – “All Eye Know” (Early Review)

by Miracle

SKILLZ(Photo By Boodah Darr)

The Milwaukee music scene is in for a monumental release this week. Heavy hitters $killz (#DWYD) and Petti Hendrix (Rebel Religion) have joined forces for a collaboration coined “All Eye Know.” It is a stand alone number and thus will not be featured on $killz upcoming effort, Da Game Needs Me. PBeezy Beats serves as the producer on this cut.

The production here is banging. The hardcore foundation, booming supporting details, lively rhythm, and foreboding vibe mesh flawlessly together. The hook is a prize too. The back & forth between $killz & Petti is done really well and the lyrics are contagious. The verses are hot. $killz wrecks the first half of the record and Petti takes out the second half. Both artists generate piercing flows, cunning wordplay, and brazen rhymes. They definitely send a powerful message that they are a serious force to be reckoned with. A snippet from $killz contribution includes: “I hustle every night then count my cash up in the morning. If I’m short a penny, I don’t even go to sleep. Used to stand on that corner every single day of the week. Now I’ve moved on to bigger & better. Start getting this cheddar in larger amounts. No bank accounts. Just straight cash. Wrapped up in them rubber bands. I’m a walking lick looking a**. You cross that line I’ll cook ya a**.” One can not deny the flame within those bars right there. As a whole, this single is a beast.

**My Two Cents: A little birdie told me that “All Eye Know” will officially drop tomorrow (Tuesday). So readers need to keep an eye on the above provided links or check back on the site. This is not the track to sleep on. It goes extra hard and I am super honored that I got the chance to check it out early. Fans of Skillz & Petti are going to be geeked. Those who aren’t fans already, might just have to convert after hearing this one. A video for this joint would be dope or some type of epic live performance. On another note, Da Game Needs Me will be available to the masses on February 9th. The track list for the LP can be seen below. I can’t wait. -MinM


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