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Music Quickies: Cezar – “Weight” (Video)

by Miracle

W“Weight” (iTunes)

Cezar (CCM) decided to roll out a new music video to kick off his 2016 journey. The video is for his single “Weight” which is featured on his current project, Free Dope. The visual is shot by Eli Buie. It is of a simple nature but contains a slight twist.

It opens with Cezar taking a phone call while chilling at his apartment with his lady. From there, the two venture out around the city. Eventually, they end up meeting up with the infamous DJ Trill Will. Cezar passes a duffle bag with unknown contents to his partner in crime and the two part ways. In between shots of the plot unfolding, are the typical performance scenes with lots of heavy branding at work. One can’t be mad at that. As a whole, the vision is extremely well put together and it connects solidly with the track. The only critique is that the video could have really played up the ambiguous portion of the story-line and gave the viewer a mini move type of deal. But readers should give this a glance for sure. And go purchase “Weight” off of iTunes if you haven’t already. We gotta continue to support REAL talent. -MinM

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