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Jon Briggz – “Texas”

by Pooh Bailey

12544241_10205132497704174_2079799517_o(Photo By Sound Cloud)

When a boy admires his older brother’s lifestyle (street-life), the older brother lets him know that he shouldn’t follow in his footsteps. He makes it known that he can’t leave the streets like he once did so he’s moving back to Texas, where life was “normal.” And that ladies and gentlemen is the premise of Jon Briggz latest track, “Texas.”

It’s what if Lupe Fiasco’s “The Coolest” meets Lil Keke’s “Pimp Tha Pen.” “Texas” is by far my favorite Jon Briggz track. In fact, it probably will be one of my favorite tracks of the year. What I love about it, is that not only is it creative but Briggz shows off his great storytelling skills. The first person view, gives the listener a glimpse of what it’s really like to be in the ‘trap.’ NOVA’s production is immaculate. He’s quickly becoming my favorite producer. The union between Briggz and NOVA should never be broken. They truly are the perfect duo. So, yes, “Texas” is truly a track that you need on your iPod. Trust me you won’t be disappoint. And if you are, well, I’ll just be going back to Texas. –Pooh Bailey

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