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Lizzy Ashliegh – “The One” (Video)

by Pooh Bailey


Lizzy Ashliegh is back and has teamed up with Escape animation to bless the world with her motivational & inspirational video for her second single “The One.” An animated Lizzy is strolling through the jungle with the power of love, using it to overpower the bad thoughts and deeds of evil. Lizzy sings about coming together as well as getting through whatever as one. Love & energy can guide you through the toughest times and even the darkest of shadows are enlightened. The animation holds a message of keeping your head up and getting through this maze we call life together.

First and foremost, I adore Lizzy. She doesn’t know how to make a bad track. “The One” gives us a feeling of what-if Syd (from The Internet) made a song for a Disney movie. The song has a great message that doesn’t sound like an after-school special. The song gives the listener a great vibe, both physically and mentally. The video will give you a nostalgic feeling, especially if you grew up in the 90s watching Disney movies. It’s great that it’s not all CGI and 2016-ish. The best way to stand out is to pull-back and give less. Lizzy is on her way to becoming a well-recognized name and the proof is in her work. “The One” is a great testament that you can be yourself and prosper. –Pooh Bailey

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