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Taiyamo Denku Q&A (Life + Music =)

by Miracle


Music veteran Taiyamo Denku, recently took time out of his endless musical pursuits to engage with the Life + Music = team as well as share one of his newest collaborations with another staple in the Hip-Hop world. Though readers are familiar with his music, he gives a lot of personal details in the interview that readers might find interesting. Take a look after the break.

Life + Music =: What was your starting point in your music career?

Taiyamo Denku: Well I have been rhyming since 96 but just freestyle stuff in high school. I didn’t get more serious about music until I got to college and linked up with Short Fuze and Augury of my group WASTELANDS. We have been disbanded since probably 2008 – 2009 but it was a good ride with them. Over that time we delivered five professional pressed projects. Then I drifted off did my own thing awhile but now I am all about my branding with my producer Dcypha (CYPHADENMUSIC).

L+M=: If you could work with any artist who would it be?

TD: Well I have worked with a lot of my influences already and got to bless tracks with them. But I would still love to share a track with Ghostface or Talib Kweli or maybe even Pharoahe Monch or Black Thought. I thought I’d be done after getting the opportunity to work with KRS ONE but since then I have just done more and more. So to say my wishlist isn’t possible would not be reality.

L+M=: What are some of your goals as an artist?

TD: Honestly I just want to be able to keep making the music I love and believe in. I don’t care about the fame or nothing of that nature. I just want to keep spreading our brand to the people that believe in what we do. Show ’em that real Hip-Hop is still here and alive & well.

L+M=: How do you feel about where music industry is currently going?

TD: I feel like the industry has gotten weak since the early 2000’s. And no one is buying Hip-Hop really no more cause streaming free has killed the music industry as a whole. But I hate the TRAP movement, not a fan of it at all.. I still rock that Boom Bap steez. Love a more Golden Age feel to what I do.

L+M=: What does Life + Music = to you?

TD: It means exactly what it should. That life plus music equals happiness. Especially to any creative artist out there.

Life + Music = Taiyamo Denku


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