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T Dot Kingsby Q&A (Life + Music =)

by Miracle

12647977_1656495191284647_209475636_nT Dot Kingsby is the latest entertainment figure that caught the attention of the Life + Music = team. He’s a Milwaukee native that spent a good amount of his life serving this crazy country of ours as a member of the U.S. Army. He is also an Iraq War veteran. After spending so much time in such a serious environment, he decided to make his mission in life to make others laugh. So thus his journey in the world of comedy began. He has seven years and counting under his belt so far. He runs his own monthly comedy showcase here in the Mil coined “Midwest Comedy Night” at the Onyx. He has performed with some notable names in the business. And he has a strong background in acting as well. From stage plays (William Shakespeare’s As You Like It) to professional theater (Reginald Edmund‘s South Bridge) to film (Role Play The Movie), Kingsby has done a little bit of it all. That’s a pretty impressive resume so far for someone on the rise. See what the successful comedian had to share with Life + Music = after the break.

Life + Music =: Music changes, do you believe that comedy changes as well?

T Dot Kingsby: Absolutely. I only been doing comedy for eight years and there has been noticeable shifts in what and who is considered funny to people. Cleverness and witty punchlines are taking a back seat to “clowning.” All you have to do is make silly video’s on social media making a fool of yourself (like a clown) and you are the next comedy phenom. So the biggest shift I see is that talent takes a back seat to foolery now.

L+M=: Who has been your biggest inspiration? Why?

TDK: There’s no one person or thing that I can say inspires me the most. I’m just inspired by greatness in people, and great moments. When I see someone bearing the true fruit of their labor, it motivates me to stay rooted and grounded so I can bear my own.

L+M=: What are your life goals in the comedy circuit?

TDK: I want to be able to work consistently. I believe I have the will and endurance to last in the business. I’m taking a liking to writing now, so I would love to see some of my work on it’s feet. I want to write and act in my own films like Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler.

L+M=: How do you think comedy affects people dealing with life issues?

TDK: It definitely puts things into perspective for people. A lot of times people just need their issues made light of to see things in a different way. When you can laugh about a painful situation, it helps us cope better. I can recall a couple coming up to me after one of my shows and thanking me for saving their relationship. They explained how they were going through some issues and was close to breaking up. They heard about my show and decided to attend together. They said I talked about everything they were going through like a preacher does at church. They laughed, went home, had great make up sex, and stayed together. I saved someone’s relationship with my big mouth. That’s when I knew this comedy has a real affect on people’s emotions and I have a level of responsibility now. Anytime you can move people emotionally that’s a level of power you possess.

L+M=: Who is the best comedian ever to do it ? And why?

TDK: Wow … tough question. I can’t answer it. There is no best in my opinion. There are lots of great comedians and a ton of bad ones. That’s how I see it.

L+M=: What does life plus music equal to you?

TDK: It equals everything! Art is the reason we live, the reason we work. Everybody wakes up everyday wanting to be entertained by some form of art. Without radio, movies, theater, books, paintings, music, dance … there’s nothing left in life!

Life + Music (Comedy) = T Dot Kingsby


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