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Big Heff’s 2014 Mid-West Industry Tour Returns To MKE

by Miracle

IMG_8696(Photo By Star Music Media)

Website: http://www.bigheffindustrytour.com/

Important Info:

What – Elite industry persona Big Heff is back on the road with some fresh new artists for his second quarter 2014 tour. The tour kicks off on the 15th of this month and runs until the 1st of June.

When – May 25, 2014 (Sunday)

Where – Club Timbuktu (520 E. Center St.)

Why You Should Attend: Starting the 15th of this month Ohio’s own Big Heff will be traveling nationwide with a select group of up-and-coming artists. The venture will span approximately eight states and 15 different cities. Big Heff’s Mid-West Industry Tour covers retail, DJ events, radio, and performances throughout the Mid-West to build proper relationships that can enhance an artist’s career (Press Release). One of the scheduled tour stops includes the 414. Big Heff will once again be taking over Club Timbuktu. He’s bringing the previously featured Lstreetz with him as well as: Pressdon, FM Duke, and Suspect. Not only is this a great chance for local artists to step up their networking game and expand outside of the city but it presents an opportunity to rub elbows with a well established industry taste-maker. Heff is Vice President of The Nerve DJs, brand ambassador for Epic Records, a specialist in marketing & promotions, and much more. He’s definitely the kind of person to have amongst your list of acquaintances if you have a career in the music business. So note the date and step out if you can. -MinM

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