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Lstreetz – “Out Yo Feelings”

by Miracle

Lstreetz_Greatness_2-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

Readers allow the site to introduce Lstreetz. Lstreetz is a femcee/producer on the rise from Chicago, IL. She took to music at a young age and has come to be known for having a very fierce style about her. She is signed to B.M.B Records (Breaking Major Barriers) which is ran by the likes of rappers Trick Trick and Charli Baltimore. Additionally, she has a strong performance reputation under her belt. Which she will be adding to this month as part of the new wave of The Big Heff Industry Tour. The tour kicks off on the 15th and it will be invading the Mil-town on the 25th (Sunday) at Club Timbuktu. Since she is a featured artist of the venture, it seemed only appropriate to help the 414 get acquainted with her before the big show. She’s currently pushing a single titled “Out Yo Feelings” off of her Greatness 2 mixtape which can be heard above.

The production for the track is good. The loaded bass, businesslike secondary components, intermediate gait, and grave vibe come together in a satisfactory manner. The hook is decent. The delivery is uncluttered and the lyrics are adequate. The verses are solid. Lstreetz serves up a distinct flow, cutting wordplay, and steeled rhymes. She lives up to her dominate reputation well as she makes it clear that she has no time for people who are in their chests. A sprinkling of lines worth retaining are: “My city be so stuck on violence, n—a kill ya a** in mid day. This s–t cray. These sick ways. I count all my blessings up. Otherwise, I’d be stressed as f–k. Cause the ones who hate ain’t blessed enough. Not perfect and yes I am human. When I get stressed I get high and get zooted. Some people tote it and some people toot it. Some people sniff it and some people shoot it. I don’t condone it. That s–t is for losers. (…) Give me a Henny, a cup, and I’m fooling. Riding the city just bumping my music.” Those bars right there tell it like it is 100%. All in all, this is a fine effort.
**My Two Cents: Lstreetz is a cool artist. Her sound stands out and she has a respectable flow. She could sharpen her pronunciation just a tad though. Her lyrics are first-rate too. If she added just a little bit more flair to her bars, she could take herself to a whole new level. I dig her overall. I think she would fit right in with the Milwaukee music scene and thus will be well received when she comes to visit the 414 in the coming weeks. If you’re free on the 25th be sure to check her out at Timbuktu. -MinM

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