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Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Season 1, Episode 4: “Mo’ Managers, Mo’ Problems” (Recap)

by Miracle

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“Mo’ Managers, Mo’ Problems” (watch here)

This week’s episode of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop picked up exactly where the last one left off with Diamond and Nyemiah Supreme trading jabs while the other ladies looked on uncomfortably. Sick of the foolery, Siya snags Diamond and takes her off to the bathroom to try and diffuse the situation. After a bit of drunken rambling, the ATL rapper finally calms down. While Siya is working on her, Bia and Brianna Perry help bring Nyemiah back down a notch too. The peacekeepers all feel like females in the game have a hard enough time as it is without gunning for each other too. And they couldn’t be more right. Eventually, the ladies all come back together and the beef is squashed for the time being. Diamond concludes the night by inviting all of the ladies to her record label party in Miami. How nice of her.

Brianna links back up with her momager KiKi to prep for her big roll out meeting with Atlantic Records. The two once again find themselves on different pages. And you can just foresee that the meeting is going to be a disaster. Speaking of which, Bia embarks on a video shoot for a new Spanglish track that she’s releasing. Everything is going smoothly until she gets a call from back home. It’s her sister Trinity and she has some unfortunate news. She’s been suspended from school for fighting. Bia takes the news to heart and struggles with how to juggle her music and her family life. Well Brianna’s big moment with Atlantic arrives. She’s all revved up to talk about rolling out her new single, marketing, imaging, and more. But her excitement is short lived when her mother won’t let her get a word in edge wise. She wants to take things slow and steady,  the complete opposite of what Brianna had in mind. And she rips the stylist that the label execs invite into the session to shreds. Poor Brianna feels stifled and fed up. And no one can blame her.

But Ms. Perry is not the only one going through manager woes. Siya’s friend Kael has been trying to pick up where Tank is slacking as any good friend would. However, he’s suddenly throwing talks of a contract at Siya and she’s not feeling it. She doesn’t discredit his efforts but feels like he doesn’t have the status to be locking her down exclusively. Plus, she still has Tank to consider as she admits he has done quite a bit even if she’s not quite where she wants to be. And for once Renaye is behind her 100% sans drama. But don’t worry, it doesn’t last long. Next, we are privy to the aftermath of the Atlantic Records meeting. KiKi of course takes no responsibility for the low key takeover stunt that she pulled on her daughter. Ultimately, Brianna just wants her mom to stop shutting her down because of her age and start taking her ideas as well as her requests seriously. The two still can’t seem to reach a middle ground resulting in their car ride being taken over by tension and silence.

Siya isn’t faring too much better. She has a phone call with Tank hoping for a bit of good news and is once again let down. Tank finally admits that he can’t do as much as Siya would like. And that she needs a team along with funding behind her. Neither of which is he able to help with. Overwhelmed with frustration, Siya breaks down. But things do turn in her favor a little later. Bia does a photo shoot in her continuing efforts to get herself seen and signed to a distribution deal or label. She also breaks the news to her manager Fam that she has to take off and go to Boston to deal with her sister. He understands but her timing couldn’t be worse as he had a bunch of things lined up to aid in their mission. She feels bad for stifling their flow but family comes first. Finally, a happy moment occurs in the episode even though it’s brief. Tank finally gets Siya some studio time. She’s in her zone and taking full advantage of the rare opportunity when Kael comes through and rains on her parade. He’s got a contract in hand and he wants it signed at all costs. Even if it means losing Siya’s friendship. But Siya stands firm in her belief that signing to Kael is not a good look. She walks out without signing, leaving the chips to fall where they may … damn.

Bia goes back home to deal with her sister. It’s a typical teenage angst scenario that seemingly ends up on a positive note. Siya meets up with Renaye and fills her in on what went down in the studio. She was one of the many issues Kael brought up in his talk with Siya. Which is surprising since the trio all used to be friends at one point according to Renaye. She reassures Siya that she has her back and the two continue their lovey dovey stint. Too bad they can’t be like that more often. Brianna has a brief meeting with Bia to vent to an outside source about her momager problems. She feels that business is starting to hurt their personal relationship and is ready for something to give. Bia suggests that she get a new manager. Brianna seems a little reluctant at the suggestion at first. But she meets up with her mom later on and drops a bombshell. To save their relationship along with her sanity, she has decided to fire KiKi as her manager. Obviously, this does not go over too well. Here’s to hoping that the two can reconcile in the near future.

Next week’s episode is jammed pack with all kinds of action. There is Diamond’s label party in Miami where her and Nyemiah reignite their beef. Siya and Renaye fall back into their old tumultuous habits as well. Then Timbaland and Soulja Boy round it all out with cameo appearances. I will definitely be locked in, pen in hand. -MinM

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