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Dynamic Equilibrium – “Dear Father” (Video)

by Miracle

a1475922831_10(Photo By Band Camp)

Dynamic Equilibrium is a duo that hails from the great state of New York. Member Alpha Memphis is an emcee and he is putting on for Queens. He is also affiliated with two other collectives: Genius Sounds Family and Dope League. Member Machia is an emcee/producer who happens to be putting on for Brooklyn. Additionally, he too is a part of outside entities which include: Fang Gang, Genius Sounds Family and Dope League as well. The pair are known for their strong quality production and intellectual style lyrics. They are driven by their chemistry together which of course is an important factor for any successful group. At the moment, they are pushing a video for a song off of their latest effort Post Crack Era. The song is entitled “Dear Father.”

The single itself it set to a mid-tempo groove with smooth musical components and a favorable vibe. The hook for the record is profound. The delivery is conversational and the lyrics are heartfelt. The verses add to the depth established by the hook. The fellas contribute orderly flows, resourceful wordplay, and substantial rhymes. They convey a gripping sentiment that sheds some light on the issues plaguing today’s Urban communities while at the same time asking for some type of explanation for all of the misfortune from the man up above. Overall, it is a very riveting track.

The video for the selection was done by Genmotion. It takes place in upstate New York. It was shot in and around a cave as well as on a dilapidated train cart. The cave is covered by trees and plant life on the outside. The inside is extremely spacious and provides cool shadowy imagery courtesy of the way the sunlight streams in. The train is much less picturesque with peeling paint, tons of graffiti, and the occasional birds flailing about. The strikingly different locations enhance the expressiveness of the tune. Alpha Memphis and Machia themselves are presented in a clean dapper fashion while giving passionate performances. They really drive home the significance of their words. The flick ends with a tribute to all of those who have lost their lives to the senseless acts of police brutality throughout the years as well as those who have been impacted by the unrest in Ferguson, MO. As a whole, it was an optimal vision.

**My Two Cents: This came to my attention courtesy of some networking on Facebook. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised when I pressed play on the video. The song is very compelling and the video is the perfect accessory. What really stuck with me though was the performance from Dynamic Equilibrium. Their crisp appearances and spirited executions really brought that little special something to the piece. I’m digging these East Coast talents and I believe that readers will too. So go ahead and peep the video. Don’t forget to check out the links at the beginning of the post as well. -MinM

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