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Eastman Osborne – “She’s A Dancer”

by Miracle

artworks-000089187538-zbeclk-t500x500(Photo By Technology Records)

Eastman Osborne (Songbook Entertainment) was featured on the site earlier this Summer as a collaborator for a track. This time around he’s back on the solo tip. He’s currently circulating a single titled “She’s A Dancer.” It was produced by a trio that includes the likes of: Strong Symphony, Troy Taylor, and Ay-Rock.

The collective did a fine job. The production turned out well. It consists of: a mellow base, low key supporting details, a leisurely tempo, and a mature vibe. The hook is solid. The vocals are enjoyable and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are sufficient. Eastman Osborne serves up glossy harmonies and telling lyrics. He gives the listener his perception of the life of an Atlanta stripper in explicit detail. Some lines worth paying attention to are: “Pop a pill for her problems. And a pill for the answer. She’s zoning. Yeah, she’s zoning. Love the thrill of the moment. And I’m here for the moment. Shorty be stacking this money high. Shorty got b—hes on b—hes on b—hes. I think the b—h is bi. Shorty be taking her time sniffing them lines. Shorty be f–king in foreigns. She only be f–king for rides.” Those words right there paint a vivid portrait of the world of an exotic dancer. Overall, this was a satisfactory record.
**My Two Cents: This was an adequate offering. I once again took  a strong liking to Eastman Osborne’s vocals. And the production was respectably put together. However, I feel like the lyrics could have been a tad bit more innovative. Strippers and their lifestyles are topics that have been frequently touched on. Thus an artist must really push the envelope to breathe new life into the themes. It is still worthy of a spin or two though and I believe it will be a big hit within the strip club circuit. Agree or disagree? Press play, then leave a message in the comments section and let us know your thoughts. -MinM

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