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IMG_0898(Photo By DoublePlay Cam)

Technology Records artist Ay-Rock just sent over his latest single. It’s a collaboration that sees him reuniting with singer Eastman Osborne. It is a much more toned down track than what he’s been serving up as of late and it is slated to appear on his forthcoming project RTG (Ready To Go).

artworks-000089187538-zbeclk-t500x500(Photo By Technology Records)

Eastman Osborne (Songbook Entertainment) was featured on the site earlier this Summer as a collaborator for a track. This time around he’s back on the solo tip. He’s currently circulating a single titled “She’s A Dancer.” It was produced by a trio that includes the likes of: Strong Symphony, Troy Taylor, and Ay-Rock.

artworks-000083380845-tz0y81-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Back in December readers were introduced to an individual who goes by the name of Ay-Rock. He was getting things in motion for his next project RTG (Ready To Go) and is still hard at work. His team over at Technology Records sent over a couple of new releases from him that will be shared with the site. The first is a single called “For You.” It entails a guest appearance from singer/songwriter Eastman Osborne and was produced by SuperStarO.