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MisterrCha – “Try Again” Remix

by Miracle

artworks-000087797825-2wt0jw-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

The homies at Producers United recently dropped a release from MisterrCha which was fairly unexpected. It came in the form of a remix of the the classic joint “Try Again” by late R&B favorite Aaliyah off of the Romeo Must Die Soundtrack. The remake has some cool moments and provides a very interesting take on a song we all love.

The first thing that I like is the sampling and placement of the vocals throughout the track. There is a a very funky, vibey, spoken word style bass line holding it down. Through it all, there is a space like Caribbean feel to the procession and random drops and sounds that make for an incredible combination of audibles at many moments. I even like the late stabs during the last chorus. Skill can not be denied here.

From a very honest point of view though, there were also some elements that I think didn’t fit the track. Like the patterned synth that kicked in during the chorus. It felt like too much and not futuristic in a proper way. For example, a lot of the high bit patterns and computerized melody / harmonies clashed with the song to me. And the Sci-Fi sound effects really never seemed quite right either.

**My Final Thoughts: Overall, it was a nice production. However, it was hard to change the initial track to fit MisterrCha’s style. The song in itself is a classic. Adding new AND different elements to a Timberland production is extremely difficult. On another note, just for fun take a trip down memory lane and peep the visuals for the original record below. -Real McCoy

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