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Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Season 1, Episode 1: “Femme-C’s” (Recap)

by Miracle

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After much anticipation, a new wave of female rap artists made their presence felt on the small screen last night (8/12). Oxygen’s newest reality television show Sisterhood Of Hip Hop debuted it’s very first episode. The episode was dubbed “Femme-C’s” and kept things pretty simple as it basically just gave viewers some insight into the ladies of the cast.

First up was Siya. A proud Brooklyn native, the hungry female talent has a lot on her plate. Her girlfriend Renaye just moved in from Cali and is already missing home. Not to mention she’s showing some serious early signs of being jealous and clingy. Which is tough to deal with in a normal dating situation. When dating an artist, it’s a recipe for disaster. And clips from the remainder of the season confirm the worst. Maybe that’s an Instagram photo that Siya shouldn’t have double tapped. If romantic woes weren’t enough to deal with, Siya is also having some career struggles. She faces scrutiny daily as the first openly gay female rapper in the game. Then on top of that her mentor happens to be Tank. He may have earned his just dues in the R&B world but Siya worries that he may not know how to navigate the way she needs him to in Hip-Hop territory. She’s ready to hit the booth, shoot videos, wreck paid shows, etc. But it’s kind of hard to move when you can’t even get your manager to pick up the phone. Hopefully, Tank throws her a bone soon so that we can see her in action.

Next, the viewers got to see Brianna Perry. The Miami diva has a bit of leg up on her counterparts. She grew up as an affiliate of Po Boy Music Group which was once home to the likes of rappers such as Flo Rida, Rick Ross, etc. Additionally, she’s signed to the infamous Atlantic Records. Her first few minutes on screen showed her in the studio working on some new tunes. Didn’t sound half bad either. She is not without her own hurdles though. Sitting in on her studio session was her mother / manager KiKi. And Mama Perry is no joke. She has no problem voicing her opinion and came off as a little overbearing. So it was no surprise when Brianna decided to pack up and move out on her own later in the episode. Clips from the rest of the season show a lot of ups and downs between the pair. Maybe mixing business and family isn’t the best idea. On an ambitious note, Brianna is also enrolled in the University Of Miami as a full time student. She’s studying Economics and Marketing in order to better expand her brand. If she can manage to find the balance between her studies and music, graduation is in her very near future. Fingers crossed that she actually gets to obtain her degree.

Then we got to step into the world of Atlanta’s own Diamond. The former Crime Mob member has been in the game since her early teens and it has not been the smoothest of rides. She faced the usual drama that comes with being in a group. Then she got caught up in the pitfalls of dating a fellow rapper. Her relationship with Lil Scrappy was as publicized as it was chaotic. There allegedly was: abuse, financial problems, and cheating complications. The two eventually parted ways and Diamond ended up on the arm of none other than Soulja Boy. Her second relationship was a little less hectic but still wasn’t built to last. Or was it? Though she promises mentor Lil Jon during their heart to heart that she’s done messing with guys and focused on relaunching her career, clips show her and Soulja Boy all buddy buddy in the studio. Hopefully, she’s not about to sabotage herself before she even gets a chance to get back on the horse so to speak. Especially since she went out of her way to relocate to New York for a fresh start.  Though future clips indicate that romantic relationships might not be her only problem.

Bia is another female talent in the mix. She’s Boston bred but currently resides in Miami. She got the opportunity to lace a track for the infamous Pharrell Williams with her best 16 bars and the rest is pretty much history. She’s tight with her manager Fam as well as her younger sister and grandparents. Her Neptunes mentor advised her to feel her way through her extensive journey to the top but her emotions may be the very same thing that take her under. Future glimpses show the rising talent being pulled back to Boston to deal with family drama. Here’s to hoping that the obligation she feels towards her family doesn’t come at the expense of her career.

And last but certainly not least is Nyemiah Supreme. We didn’t get to learn much about Miss Supreme as she kind of slipped in towards the end of the episode. She stepped out to peep a Queen Of The Ring battle event in person and happened to run into Siya. She’s repping for Jamaica Queens and was inspired by mixtapes from groups such as G-Unit and Dipset. She turned to making music as a means of escape. We also got to learn that her personal mentor is the iconic Timbaland. And her one on one with Siya revealed that she has a single in the works with Milwaukee born rapper K. Camp. That was kind of neat to hear. She may not have gotten much play on the premiere but she definitely turns up for the rest of the season. It appears her claim to fame is going to be her spat with fellow female rapper Diamond. Who knew that egos and liquor were such a bad combination?

Though the first installment was a little slow, the rest of the season looks promising. We get to see the girls: work, get advice from industry favorites, interact with one another, and deal with life. It will be interesting to watch their stories unfold. So far my faves are Siya and Brianna Perry but I’m rooting for all of the ladies. Did you catch the first episode? If so, what did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. If you missed it, you can watch it via the Oxygen website. -MinM

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