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Taiyamo Denku & DCypha – Supernatural (Album Review)

by Miracle

DCYPHER2 (1)(Photo By Denku)

Supernatural (iTunes)

The last time the site heard from veteran 414 emcee Taiyamo Denku was about a year ago. Since that time he has been rocking countless stages from here to New York, releasing new music, and the list goes on. Among his new tunes is a collaborative effort with fellow musical talent DCypha. Their project is called Supernatural and it includes a total of 17 tracks. There are also guest appearances by some heavy hitters in the game such as: Keith Murray, Chino XL, Joell Ortiz, etc. Continue reading below to find out which sprinkling of songs stood out to the site during a listening session of the LP.

“Till Death” F/ Keith Murray & Blaq Poet

The production here is blazing. The hefty bass, shadowy musical elements, middling pace, and doomful vibe make for an excellent combination. The hook is suitable. The delivery is assertive and the lyrics are concise. The verses are respectable. Keith Murray paves the way, Denku mans the reigns for the middle portion, and Blaq Poet rules over the end. All three rappers come with aggressive flows, loaded wordplay, and rhymes full of conviction. They take their crafts very seriously and make it very much so felt on this track. A couple of striking lines from Denku are: “It’s simple son. Do this music s–t til death. Taking out other rappers til ain’t none of y’all left! Breathe fire on demons. Y’all wanna be me so much you lick up my dried semen. Y’all keep hiding from the soul you’re seeking. You keep coming up short from the goals your reaching. Consider this a teaching. Lessons in blood. This is how I feel about something I love. You’re a rap music scrub. I need medical treatment. But I ain’t asking y’all. Your skills ain’t decent.” Those are some intriguing as well as gutsy bars right there. Overall, this is a tough single and also a site favorite.

“Road Is Ruff” F/ Craig G & Sadat X

The production here is sick. It is constructed of: a firm base, climactic supporting details, a trendy rhythm, and a fierce vibe. The hook is great. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are first-class. Craig G takes the lead, Denku handles the follow up, and Sadat X brings it home. The trio present resolute flows, canny wordplay, and extensive rhymes. They do an honorable job of serving as prime examples of legitimate spitters. Denku especially gives the listener a lot to take in with vivid wording and creative references with lines like: “What you bringing to the table? Rock-a-bye baby. Kick over the cradle. (…) The monster’s been awoke. Use Carrot Top to blood soak.” The cutting tone in those bars can not be denied. All in all, this record is satisfying.

“By Popular Demand” F/ Apathy, Illiam Child, & Blaq Poet

The production here is eclectic. The hard hitting foundation, diverse secondary components, uniform tempo, and down to earth vibe result in an intriguing mixture. There is no standard type hook on this cut. Instead there is just the occasional break that entails DJ scratching and clips. Which works out quite nicely. The verses are choice. Apathy is up first, Illiam Child goes in next, Blaq Poet adds his spiel after that, and then Denku rounds out the final verse. All of the fellas exhibit candid flows, noteworthy wordplay, and blue-ribbon rhymes. They take dauntless stances as they voice their opinions about the rap game and their peers. Some lines worth observing from Denku include: “Things ain’t always as simple as they seem. Being a whack rapper a make you an internet meme. Hip-Hop is me. In my scene it’s unseen. Around here it’s copy rappers with famous dreams. By all means enjoy your average stay. Me and Cypha at the Hilton. You’re at the Comfort Inn for free day.” One has to admire the unfiltered nature of those bars right there. In the end, this is a proper offering.

**My Two Cents: Supernatural is an adequately formulated project. With a healthy number of tracks and no shortage of talent on each one, there is plenty to indulge in. I just touched on my top three favorite selections but the project as a whole definitely gets two thumbs up. The production is strong and the content is just as substantial. And I have to give Denku major props for holding his own with so many legendary names on deck. Not too many can say that they shared air time with the likes of Kool G Rap, KRS-One, etc. Those are some historical level collaborations. The LP is available on iTunes now, so hit up that provided link and go ahead and check it out. -MinM

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