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Drama – “You”

by Miracle

Psalms 151 cover(Photo By Trac-Qaeda Music Group)

New Jersey artist Drama (Trac-Qaeda Music Group) and his camp enjoyed his debut feature on the site so much, that they decided to send over some more material. This time they sent over his single “You” which is featured on his premiere album Psalms 151. It was actually the second release from his LP. So we’re doing a little backtracking.
The production here is good. The deep bass, subtle secondary components, pronounced background vocals, mild mannered rhythm, and casual vibe make for a favorable mixture. The hook is kosher. The delivery is orderly and the lyrics are conventional. The verses are fitting. Drama doles out a versatile flow, quality wordplay, and rhymes that make a statement. Said statement happens to be indicative of the fact that he is without question meant to be a part of the Hip-Hop game. He also uses the background vocals from the beat in a really unique fashion. Which sort of makes the verses double as an affirmation for the listener as well. Some lines from his declaration include: “Excellence is the key. When you hear them talk they talking about you. Cause ambition fueled the transition. They can never say a thing about you. See what’s meant to be will never break apart. And they can’t be mad when it’s you. I’m a embrace the hate. Don’t let it shake or take the pure passion that’s built up in you. Cause we reign supreme. Sharper deities, we’re on a level that’s unreachable to you.” The motivational spirit in those bars right there makes for a very appealing way to kick off the track. Overall, this is a rich single.
**My Two Cents: This was a nice selection. I think Drama took a creative approach to the content and I dig the message. The production was decent too. I can definitely give it up for Drama as a strong contender in this rap game. He has talent for sure. If readers agree, they should make it a point to visit the provided links at the beginning of the post. Show the Camden spitter some love on Twitter and go snag the album off of good old iTunes. I’m sure he’d appreciate both gestures. -MinM

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