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Kaylee Crossfire – The Unveiling (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

The Unveiling

414 super diva Kaylee Crossfire dropped her long awaited mixtape at the end of 2016 and it’s true what they say: good things come to those who wait. The tape is colorfully labeled The Unveiling. The 11 track collective features some notable remixes of a few mainstream hits as well as a few all original numbers. She gives us the best of both worlds by incorporating both her vocal and rhyming skills throughout the project. Readers might already be familiar with previously released tunes: “Female Takeover” and “No Type,” but there are definitely other joints that deserve some recognition too. Keep reading beyond the break to discover what said joints are and more.

“Cut It [Intro] / Needed Me [Remix]”

The tape kicks off with this double remix that gives a nod to O.T. Genasis and America’s favorite bad girl Rihanna. It’s an interesting pairing for sure but it worked out well. The rendition of “Cut It” is up first. It’s quick but effective. The original beat is left in tact and there is no hook utilized. The elongated verse is dope. Kaylee Crossfire attacks the beat with her token flow, fierce wordplay, and brazen rhymes. She holds nothing back as she brands herself a lavish chick about her business. Exhibit A: “And I ain’t gone come to ya spot if you ain’t gone pay me to appear. And that ain’t bougie. That’s business, I handle mine. Contracts on the table for me to sign. Not enough money, you know that I will decline. Come back when you got all yo paper right. Might as well act brand new since I look like money.” One can’t deny that Miss Crossfire got off with those bars right there. But wait there’s more ….

There is a seamless transition into Kaylee’s version of “Needed Me.” Once again, the original instrumental is pretty much left unaltered. The initial hook is used and remains the same as well with just a few ad-libs from Kaylee in the background. It would’ve been nice to hear Kaylee knock out the hook herself since she does have the vocals to pull it off. But no biggie. The verses are mint. Kaylee serves up a polished flow, adequate wordplay, and pointed rhymes. She vividly breaks down what it’s like to be involved with her and fellas should definitely take caution. She spits: “I said never wanted strings attached. And I never wanted more than some fire a** head from you. Than send you back off to ya trap. But I guess you got hooked, huh? And you was thinking I would call you back. Then you got that voicemail. Now you sitting there mad as hell wondering how to tell ya boys that.” Frigid opening lines right there from Miss Crossfire. But the guys do it to the ladies all the time. So nice to see the tables turn.

All in all, both of these remakes are hot and they set a pretty high standard for the rest of the tape.

“Old Fashioned”

This track makes for a spin on Drake‘s smash hit “Controlla.” The rhythmical production is left the same as it is heard on the mainstream version of the song. Which is smart as it is undoubtedly a large part of the reason why the tune was so successful. Kaylee does switch up the hook though. Her vocals are pleasing to the ear and her lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are good. Kaylee softens up a bit and serenades the listener with smooth harmonies and endearing lyrics. She reminds her audience what it’s like to cater to your man the old school way. And ladies it’s worth taking a few notes on. She croons: “Polish that ego. Gotta make him feel like he worth more than gold. And I’ll bet you he’ll stick around. Don’t you listen to ya friends. They been single for a while. (…) Cause these modern day women they so independent. Don’t think about they man’s needs. If you take care of him, he’ll take care of you. Now everybody’s pleased.” Simple enough concept that the fellas are sure to appreciate. As a whole, this is a sweet alternative to the original that I’m certain would be OVO approved.

 “Let Me Know”

This cut utilizes both originality and some slight sampling work. It fuses in a little bit of “At Your Best” by the late Aaliyah (or The Isley Brothers for the old heads). The production here is suave. The refined base, flattering musical ingredients, mellow tempo, and groovy throwback vibe match up favorably together. There is no hook to be found on this selection. Which is just fine as the pacing is done very gracefully. The continuous verse is first-rate. Kaylee employs a natural flow, descriptive wordplay, and telling rhymes. She pays homage to the special man in her life by taking the listener through their journey. An excerpt from her narration includes: “But then you came through. You showed me what the grown man do. Gave me the grown up dick. And made me grow up too. Cause I was childish as hell. But I’m learning from you. Let the petty s–t go and move on. Spend less time arguing and more time making love. You know sometimes I have some slip ups. Can be stubborn as hell but you know. You never give up.” What an honest and stirring declaration being put forth within those bars right there. Overall, this is a sleek number.

**Honorable Mention**: “Black Beatles (Remix)”

Miss Crossfire not only got in on the “Mannequin Challenge” trend but she tackled the chart topping single that served as the soundtrack for the challenge as well. Her version of “Black Beatles” is quite catchy and her challenge comes together quite cleverly in the visuals that go along with the record. Also, there are some familiar local faces that make cameos in the flick. So that is kind of neat too. Readers can check out the song & video above.

**My Two Cents: The Unveiling is a strong mixtape. The biggest take away is that Kaylee has grown leaps and bounds since her last project. Her bars pack more of a punch and her vocals are more plush as well. The remixes here came out top notch and the original tunes also hold their own. She’s really representing for her brand and setting a prime example for other female artists. Readers should get with the elite movement and check out The Unveiling pronto. -MinM

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