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Guest Pen: Hektik – M.U.S.I.C (Album Review)

by Miracle


Street Team Hektik is not your typical “local artist” from Milwaukee’s music scene. Hektik is willing to take his music to the streets and is even seeking global notoriety as he has pushed well past the typical YouTube and Sound Cloud presence and branded himself as an independent artist. Effectively, his team has established the recognized record label named Street Team, Inc. If you have been following his career you would know full well that he: releases quality visuals, has dropped two mixtapes (Die Slow and #ThisisStreetTeamHek), and has even done bonus collaborations on other artists’ projects/songs. His live performances are full of energy and passion –it’s known he can rock any crowd, anywhere.  Not to mention, his online presence is all streamlined to his record label site (see above), fan page, & synced social media sites.

Supporters were excited to hear Hektik was releasing a well-promoted new 8-track project M.U.S.I.C (see above). Allowing a pre-release to loyal fans via a post on his personal Facebook page requesting emails was quite clever and built the hype online.  The professional cover art is a great display of what we can expect to hear throughout the project. The entire project was recorded and mixed at Alpha Studios.

He started his album off with straight lyrical content and bars on “Release Therapy.”  The tone is set and it’s evident we are locked in for an exciting ride for the next seven tracks. For close to 4 minutes, the intro contains only bars, no hook. Hektik is fiercely incoming with his samurai sword ready for anyone thinking they are on his level of expertise as far as flow and content. His thesis: This is just release therapy.

Fan favorites are said to be: “Unforgettable” and “Prayed up.” It is understandable why “Unforgettable” would be a fan favorite with: its catchy hook sung by new coming artist Anjelica, it’s relatability, and it’s hood message. On another note, Hektik spits on some real life issues on “Prayed Up” with a smooth but simple instrumental. Louie Z and Hektik paint an urban picture of the everyday struggles of good & evil these streets leave them with.  Both songs are very good picks as favorites, but I personally do not favor these two out of the eight.

As a long-time fan and follower of this artist, I seek growth and maturity in his songwriting, as well as substance in his music. Therefore, my two favorite songs out of the eight tracks are: “Gotta Give” and “S.A.D. (see video below).” “Gotta Give” displays Hektik’s wordplay vividly. The message in this song is evident: I’m on my grind and if you are trying to get in my way- Move. Sickest Line: “Half these rappers be singing. Aint even on harmony. Any person that run need a 9, when it’s one on one probably call police.” His punches hit hard & his hook is direct. The production is lively and fitting. As far as the mix, I think this track may be one of the best mixed tracks on this project as the acoustics sound great and the sound is far from flat.

“S.A.D.”  is another favorite and fortunately this song is the only one with a visual thus far.  The video was shot by Esgee Films and it’s a great visual aid for the setting of the song. This song is intense because of the stance Hektik is taking, he’s spitting about being consciously awake in a sleeping world and if you don’t like what he’s saying who cares. The repeated bridge is monumental for what our society is going through right now: “Come up with plans ‘cause they can’t out man us. So they target shooting niggas when we got our hands up. Playing tricks throughout the system that’s AND1. Get up and get it and stand up & tell ‘em – Suck A Dick!”

Overall, this project shows progression and maturity of a seasoned artist. Hektik is definitely a forerunner in our Milwaukee Music scene to be watched. Supporters look forward to shows and more visuals from this project as well as future projects. Keep an eye out for this shooting star! -Rockz Solid

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