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Missy Elliott F/ Lamb – “I’m Better” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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Veteran beloved artist Missy Elliott has had one foot in the music game and one foot in various other places for a long while now. It’s been about 12 years since she’s blessed the masses with a full length project. Between putting in work for her peers and battling Grave’s Disease, she just hasn’t had much time for her own business. But as of late, it seems like she’s slowly making her way back to the forefront. The latest indicator of such is the release of her new single/video “I’m Better.” The track features rapper Lamb.

The production here is fire. The low lying foundation, quirky Trap style background elements, rhythmical tempo, and gritty vibe make for a five star combination. The hook is decent. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are hard to forget. The verses are legit. Missy Elliott comes through with an interesting melodic style flow, quick wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. She takes on the trendy sound of today’s music and proves that she can fit right in as if she never left. All in all, it’s a fresh selection.

The video serves as a vivid reminder of why the world loves Missy and is craving her return to music. Dave Meyers reunited with Ms. Elliott for the direction of the flick and the pair truly outdid themselves as always. It’s an innovative journey through a futuristic world that is full of: vibrant colors, offbeat costumes, sleek captivating choreography, and dazzling special effects as well as settings. The latter of which seems to be viewers’ favorite element of the offering. The underwater scenes are creating quite the buzz. Overall, it’s a masterfully put together vision.

**My Two Cents: This is Missy Elliott’s third hint at a comeback over the past couple of years and in my opinion, it’s her best run yet. I’m a little disappointed in the fact that she adapted to the current sound of today’s music instead of coming back with her own flavor though. Missy is after all known & loved for setting trends and being different. That is why the video is so hot. She went way outside of the box with the creativity factor and it turned out beautifully in all aspects. But I’m still rocking with the veteran emcee and curious to discover what else she has up sleeves. There is also hints of a documentary on the horizon. That is definitely something to look forward to. Readers should check out the song/video for themselves and be sure to keep up with Missy via her official website (see above). -MinM

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