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Amina Buddafly – “More Than You” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Music In My Room (iTunes)

Amina Buddafly is well known among today’s entertainment consumers as the side chick turned wifey & baby mama to veteran rapper Peter Gunz. The two and all of their dirty laundry are part of the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York. Occasionally, Amina’s music career is mentioned as well. What some may not know is that the reality television songstress was in a group with her sisters once upon a time. The trio called themselves Black Buddafly. They saw some moderate success and seemingly had a good thing going. Amina is currently rolling solo now though and she just recently released a new EP entitled Music In My Room. At the moment, she is pushing the visuals for her single “More Than You” which is the final track on the collective.

The production for this record is smooth. The light weight base, piano driven supporting elements, dreamy tempo, and peaceful vibe work effortlessly together. The hook is touching. The delivery is convincing and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are of a decent quality. Amina supplies the ear with sweet sounding harmonies and emotional lyrics. It appears that she’s finally had enough of the madness and is choosing to place her own happiness as well as her self-worth in the forefront. Which is something that a lot of women struggle with. So it is definitely a situation that is easy to relate to. All in all, this is an admirable selection. Way to start loving yourself Ms. Buddafly.

The video for this song is directed by Catherine Ouellette. The concept is relatively straightforward. The camera spotlights Amina dressed up in a gorgeous elaborate wardrobe against complimentary backdrops accented by very feminine special effects. She gives a genuine performance and does a nice job of embodying the vibe of the record. Overall, this is a tastefully put together accessory to the single.

**My Two Cents: I was a fan of Black Buddafly during their run, so I was excited to find out that Amina was going to be joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York. However, I quickly became disappointed when I saw her role on the show. She’s one of the few members of the series as a whole that has actual talent and it’s being washed out by messiness. I’m glad she’s trying to change things around though. I dig “More Than You.” The track is enjoyable and the video is fitting. She truly seems like she’s in a healthier place. Hopefully, she can keep up the momentum. Music In My Room is available now via iTunes (see above). Additionally, Amina is currently on tour promoting her new book The Other Woman. It’s an autobiography that includes her version of her relationship with Peter and all of the drama that came with it. Readers can get more info on that here. We’re rooting for you Amina, good luck! -MinM

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