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Cardiac Da Pulse – ViBES (Early Album Review)

by Pooh Bailey

Cardiac Da Pulse is back with a mood for the Winter. ViBES is the latest LP by the Milwaukee native. ViBES is the perfect soundtrack to a wintry day in the trap. Something that is playing in the background as you serve the fiends. This project is good but not Cardiac’s best work.

Production wise, it’s top notch. It’s great to vibe with (pun unintended). However, it’s Cardiac’s flow that brings it down a tad. The lyrics are there and they’re great. But it’s the delivery that will have the listener going meh to each track. I feel that Cardiac uses the wrong flow for most of the songs. Songs that he should’ve went hard on, he went soft. And songs that he should’ve went a little easier on, he went hard. It has happened to the best of rappers when it comes to choosing the appropriate delivery. So I’m sure Cardiac will bounce back.

Now, will I still have the album on repeat? Absolutely. For the reason that I said in the beginning. It’s great background music. Cardiac’s previous work is quite wonderful and that’s why this one is sort of a letdown. But knowing Cardiac, he will come back strong and most likely make me eat my words. But until then, I will be vibing in the cut. – Pooh Bailey

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