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Cezar – No Refunds (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

No Refunds Cover Art(Photo By Mad Dope Visuals)

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After establishing a major build up for the project, Cezar finally gave his supporters No Refunds on the 18th of last month. The tape comes with hosting handled courtesy of DJ Trill Will and thirteen hard hitting tracks. Amongst which is a remix to his hit song, “#Joogin.” There are guest appearances from fellow artists such as Bad Newz and Yung Renz. As well as production from the likes of: AO Beats, VZ The Kid, Krazi Beatz, etc. The Illixer fancied three songs in addition to the ones previously reviewed that deserved a bit of spotlight. Discover what three songs those were after the break.
This record was produced by VZ The Kid. The production here is good. The eerily reposed structure, subtle secondary elements, measured pace, and austere vibe result in an interesting combination. The hook is fair. It’s basically just repetition of the title with a minor contribution from Cezar. The verses get the job done. Cezar bestows an orderly flow upon the listener with gratifying wordplay and fine tuned rhymes. He smartly conveys the importance of the almighty dollar from his point of view. A couple of lines to ponder over include: “I say we cause the team found a vision. These n—as out here weak. They don’t breath what we breathing. Chilling back counting cheese while I’m California dreaming. And I do not believe that the money is the evil. Cause if there wasn’t bread, we’d be back to selling people. I’d rather chase these hundreds than a n—a on a leash. Cause then I can cash out and float away on the beach. And in the mean time catch me plotting my escape.” Those bars right there show off a deeper side of Cez. As a whole, this is a polished offering.
“War Ready” F/ Yung Renz
This song kicks off with a clip of an individual being sentenced. Next, the beat comes in. The production here is no joke. The cold street style bass, heavy foreboding background details, deliberate tempo, and intensified vibe are respectably matched. The hook is decent. The delivery is unique and the lyrics are abrasive. The verses are well packaged. Cezar takes the lead and Yung Renz plays second in command. Both artists serve up spirited flows, gutsy wordplay, and savage rhymes. They leave no doubt in the listener’s mind that they are more than prepared to do battle if the need arises. Digest as Cezar spits: “Young n—a, bout it bout it. B—h I’m from Milwaukee. Saw my n—a catch a body. Hit him with the shotty. Getting rowdy with my goons. JR pass the loudy. Gangsta s–t, gangsta s–t is all that I embody. War ready, call me Cezar Luciano. (…) I let it pop like confetti. Leave ’em chopped like machetes. Have a n—a ribs sitting on a table like a deli. This a fully automatic. I don’t f–k with no semis. Heard they want it with the boy, tell them n—as I’m ready.” Those are some lethal words being spouted right there. Overall, this is a hood banger for sure.
“414 In Milwaukee”
This selection falls in line with what Cezar has dubbed his ‘Cezmixes.’ It is an adaptation of rapper Drake‘s “5AM in Toronto.” The original production remained untouched. Which was a great decision because the beat is flawless. It contains a: vigorous foundation, trendy musical components, a groovy rhythm, and a magnetic vibe. There is no hook utilized on this cut. Which works out fine as it would just get in the way. The uninterrupted verse is of top-shelf quality. Cezar exhibits a high energy flow, sly wordplay, and proficient rhymes. He gives a classic freestyle type of performance. A handful of ear catching lines are: “Some n—as is making moves. But most of you filling space. You n—as play by the rules. I heard that them b—hes break. Now n—as is throwing shots. But never up in the spot. Pouring Moet in her hair and she catching every drop. My n—a I want it all. I couldn’t stay on the bench cause players are supposed to ball. My life gone be in a hall with legends up on a wall. You n—as still don’t believe me. I’m lyrically Barry Bonds.” One has to appreciate the dexterity of those bars right there. All in all, this a legit remix as well as a site favorite.
**My Two Cents: No Refunds was certainly worth all of the hype and waiting. The production was precise. The collective of producers on the tape are beyond talented when it comes to working behind the boards. The guest appearances were valid. Cezar chose to pair up with artists with whom he has a very favorable rapport. And the content was absolute. Cezar exercised a lot of flexibility with his style and his bars were spot on for every track. I believe this is some of his best work to date. Readers need to head on over to Dat Piff to check out the full project as soon as possible. -MinM

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