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Cezar – “I Made It”

by Miracle

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“I Made It” (listen/download)

Cezar has dropped a couple of new joints in the past few weeks. One of the more standout records is a song titled, “I Made It.” The single was produced by Aubrey Jammal. The production here is refined. It consists of a quiet bass, conservative musical components, and a toned down vibe. The hook is gripping. The delivery is vehement and the lyrics are raw. The verses are telling. Cezar presents an even-keeled flow with truthful wordplay and rhymes. He unveils a rare and personal side to himself as he shares a little bit about his past. He discloses: “Look at all I went thru. Getting kicked out them schools. Mama said I gotta move. Now what the f–k I’m gone do? My daddy just came home. We ain’t never been cool. And even though he did me wrong, he took me in so I moved. 2-2-9 what’s happening? Started there with this rapping. There I got my first ratchet. Then I f–ked up and I had to move back here.” Deep story being offered up by Cez right there. All in all, this was a different yet first-rate track for the Twos Up emcee.

**My Two Cents: Cezar doesn’t show his emotional side too often but when he does, the cut always turns out fresh. This time was no different. The content here is satisfactory and easy to connect with. The production is exemplary as well. This is a solid way for Cezar to establish himself in the new year. Be sure to like his page on Facebook for future releases, updates, and more. -MinM

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