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Cezar – “#Joogin”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By TwosUp Entertainment)

“#Joogin” (listen/download)

Milwaukee artist Cezar is steadily making moves both business wise and musically. On the business end he’s stepped up his merchandising game to t-shirts as well as joined forces with local taste-maker DJ Trill Will. He’s also been getting out more and doing shows. Which is always a good look. Musically, he’s still seeking out some of the dopest talents behind the boards and generating noteworthy tunes. The latest of which is a track titled “#Joogin” produced by AO Beats.

The production here is top of the line. The raw infrastructure, gritty secondary components, leaden tempo, and domineering vibe result in a rewarding mixture. The hook is A-1 as well. The delivery contains a bit of pizzazz and the lyrics are captivating. The verses are crack. Cezar doles out a plush flow, streetwise wordplay, and admirable rhymes. He ensures that everyone listening will have a clear proper idea of what it means to be #joogin by the end of the record. Some lines worth mentioning are: “These n—as want it all. You n—as ain’t legit. You n—as play a role. My n—as wrote the script. I’m on that Tyson s–t. KO you n—as quick. Count up my fetti. Then go lay back with yo favorite b—h. Man I started with baby nicks. Stayed down and made it flip. Racked out my stash box. Now I’m feeling like I’m the s–t.” Those are some shrewdly put together bars right there. Overall, this is an accredited selection.

**My Two Cents: When it comes to music I’m not real big on new slang, catch phrases, etc. However, this was a fine number. AO Beats excelled on the production tip and the content was extremely compatible. Definitely rooting for Cezar as he continues his grind to the top. Be sure to stay locked in to his Facebook Page (see above) so that you don’t miss out on future: songs, videos, shows, merchandise, and more. -MinM

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