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Adam Reverie – “Black Is Beautiful”

by Miracle

Black Is Beautiful Art(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Black Is Beautiful” (listen/download)

Adam Reverie is an artist who hails from Detroit, MI. He is currently circulating a special track that he did in honor of Black History Month. His goal was to share a thought provoking word or two with the Black and Hip-Hop communities alike. The song was produced by 5ynoT. The production here is respectable. The low level foundation, expressive secondary components, natural rhythm, and polished vibe come together fittingly. The hook is solid. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are succinct yet meaningful. The single verse is weighted. Adam Reverie exhibits an absorbing flow, sophisticated wordplay, and intellectual rhymes. His goal was to highlight the beauty of the African American culture in response to all of the negative representations in today’s media and he did an exceptional job. Some lines worth noting are: “No longer brother will I call you nigga. You’re a king in my eyes. And your worth is bigger. See the piece that I’m kicking ain’t equipped with triggers. We acting like jigaboos instead of Jigga. Tell yo White friend he cool without saying nigga. And if he real then understand why the word’s forbidden. And if he can’t, that’s a friend you should get rid of. A fan said bring the feeling back. That’s what I’m giving.” Mr. Reverie came dropping jewels straight out the gate with those bars right there. Overall, this record is a perfect anthem for the month and it should definitely be given a couple of spins.

**My Two Cents: This was my first time hearing Adam Reverie’s music and I was quite impressed. He spit some real lyrics and the beat was on point. It’s a short number as it times out at just over two minutes but the content manages to leave the listener with a lot to take in. Looking forward to discovering what else Adam has to offer. In the meantime, readers can check him out on Facebook via the above link. -MinM

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