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Emmitt James F/ Nic Gauer – “#HMHHVV”

by Miracle

artworks-000067668645-ymnsxv-t500x500(Photo By Katie Boeckman)

“#HMHHVV” F/ Nic Gauer (listen/download)

Though he’s beginning to branch out into the world of fashion, Milwaukee talent Emmitt James has not forgotten about his music. A few weeks back he introduced a new track to the world titled “#HMHHVV (Hipster Meets Hip-Hop vs Vintage).” It’s his way of defining the term ‘Black Hippy’ that has previously been associated with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q. It was produced by himself and Nic Gauer. Nic also lends a feature on the track via an electric guitar contribution.

The production turned out charmingly. The old school sample, soulful musical layers, central rhythm, and expressive vibe blend together gratifyingly. The hook is splendid. The delivery is engrossing and the lyrics are fresh. The verses are blue-ribbon worthy. Emmitt enlists an even-keeled flow, artful wordplay, and point-blank rhymes. He blatantly speaks his mind on a few things, giving the listener something to contemplate while they groove out to the beat. Some lines to be aware of include: “And I’m hoping they stay attentive. I’m hoping they see my vision. And take a look at the sun and see the sky is not the limit. But push it to the limit. Know your time is valuable and always expect a percentage. Why wouldn’t you? They might hate you for it. But they gone pay you for it. For all the s–t that they put you through. I believe if you work hard, you’ll get it. But when you Black you got to work even harder to see the vision. I believe in God but this is bigger than religion.” That’s a high-level way to open up the first verse right there. Overall, this is a momentous offering.

**My Two Cents: I appreciate the fact that Emmitt is still keeping up with music as he veers off into other ventures. This track was a great listen. I loved the beat. The electric guitar was a fitting touch. And the content was well-founded as usual. Emmitt has an incredible way of being entertaining while at the same time evoking thought. That’s not easy to do. Most artists usually fall under one category or the other. So the fact that he’s mastered both is an awesome trait. Listen to the song and keep an eye on the site to discover future happenings with Emmitt and his various undertakings. -MinM

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