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Scholar Script Sb – “Very Much”

by Miracle

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Scholar Script Sb recently hit up the site with another single off of his upcoming No Love Lost project. The track is titled “Very Much” and has been circulating the net for a while now. The 414 native is pushing his promo campaign into high gear though as the release date for the pending mixtape is drawing near. Said date happens to be June 27. The song opens with a bit of  thought provoking spoken word style dialog from Scholar Script Sb himself. It does a fine job of setting the tone for the selection. From there the production kicks in.
The production here is slick. The robust foundation, businesslike musical details, intermediate tempo, and daunting vibe result in a dope combination. The hook is fire. The delivery is packed with personality and the lyrics are easy to relate to. At at least one point in their life everyone has felt like: “If I ever gave a damn (If I ever gave a damn); no one would ever give it back (no one would ever give it back). And if I ever gave a f–k, then I would find there is no point cause nothing’s ever made to last (cause nothing’s ever made to last). So I say f–k you very much (I say f–k you very much). Don’t forget to keep in touch (Oh don’t forget to keep in touch). Cause no I can not deal with all the fake s–t that you do. Sometimes enough becomes enough.” Nothing but realness being put forth in those words. The verses are certified. Scholar Script Sb provides a compatible flow, acute wordplay, and piercing rhymes. He impressively goes in on the matter of dealing with fraudulent people. Soak it in as he spits: “What a f–ked up feeling. Strangers treat you better than family. But you never seem to notice until you need them badly. And by that time destruction has already hit. And the only thing they can offer you is opinions and two cents. (…) Spend it as I flip it in a wishing well. Swimming in a pool of disappointments. Word to Michael Phelps. So f–k you very much to all the girls that had my heart. They all seemed to look the role. But none of them played the part. To all the n—as that I dealt with whose actions was suspicious, no hard feelings. I assume that you act pussy cause you’re b—hes.” Those are some vicious bars right there. Overall, this is a banging effort.
**My Two Cents: The more I hear from Scholar Script Sb, the more I like. This song is official. The production is top of the line quality and the content is excellent. The upfront nature of the track is seriously appealing and it contains a lot of truth. I will be jamming out to No Love Lost next month for sure. Click like on Scholar’s Facebook Page above to get locked in so that you can bump the release on June 27th too. -MinM

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