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Adam Reverie – “All I Hear Is”

by Miracle

artworks-000076574534-jrn695-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Detroit’s own Adam Reverie is gearing up to release his SheBloggin.com sponsored project The Arrival 3. The mixtape is due out this summer. To give his supporters an idea of what they can expect, Adam released the first single from the tape. It’s labeled “All I Hear Is” and was produced by Eli Myles. The production here is decent. The lumbering bass, sedated background components, moderate tempo, and brooding vibe work exquisitely together. The hook is appealing. The delivery is of a standout nature. The lyrics are succinct yet very valid. The verses are outstanding. Adam Reverie hits the ear with a tenacious flow, professional wordplay, and calculated rhymes. He conveys a salient memo regarding staying true to himself in his pursuit of music while at the same time giving those who doubt him a piece of his mind. A handful of significant lines are: “Backbone made of steel plus I keep it real. Sticking out my chest like youngin body build. Cause I’m proud to be a leader proof that I don’t need ya. And I don’t need to wear a cross when I have talks with Jesus. No signs needed cause you doubters still wont believe me. Lil whoadie Adam Reverie got that fire if ya need it. Young ladies love me cause I switch the flow same way I beat it.” Those words right there make for a cold opener. As a whole, this is another high caliber offering from the Detroit spitter.
**My Two Cents: Adam Reverie is a very consistent artist. Haven’t heard a track yet that I didn’t like or that needed any serious critiquing. This one is no different. He came correct from start to finish and the beat was a nice fit. Also, I respect the intent behind the track. More artists need to embrace their individuality and stop worrying so much about the naysayers. Mr. Reverie and his music will definitely always be welcome here on The Illixer. I am 100% a fan. Hope the Hip-Hop heads in Detroit appreciate this talented emcee. -MinM

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