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Illuminati Roundtable: A Late Review On Oxymoron Is On Time

by Pooh Bailey

Schoolboy-q-oxymoron-deluxecover(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

“Women, Weed, and Weather, don’t it sound cleaver? What more can I say, Welcome to L.A.” Kendrick Lamar

In my best Varnell Hill impression, did you miss me? Well vacation is all I ever wanted, I had to get away. Now that we got that out the way, lets get back to business. I’m truly not into hype. Meaning I don’t follow the crowd. So back in February, there was a lot of hype behind Schoolboy Q’s debut album Oxymoron. And as previously stated, I don’t follow the majority. Therefore, I ignored it’s release. I ignored it not only because of hype, but due to the fact that I would be extra critical of it. Usually, I over criticize an over-hyped album. And for the most part, the album usually sucks. But then there are those albums that I fall in love with a year after its initial release. And that ladies and gentlemen is why you’re receiving an Oxymoron review over two months late. The hype has died down and I gave this LP a fair listen. I must admit I was quite impressed because I didn’t like the songs he had out. Nor do I like his guest verses. So here is a track by track review of Schoolboy Q’s debut album Oxymoron.

1. “Gangsta” – “F—k rap, my daddy a gangsta,” has got to be the illest way to start a LP. Joy Haley introducing her dad’s album and Schoolboy chanting ‘Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta’ makes you want to claim a set.

2. “Los Awesome” F/ Jay Rock – If you went to a party with Kane and O’Dog (Menace II Society for the slow folks) this is the song they would Crip walk to. Straight two-step and finger twisted music. However, Jay Rock was so not needed.

3. “Collard Greens” F/ Kendrick Lamar – I still don’t get what the song is about. I only use the song for the chorus and King Kendrick. I know rappers need a single for the radio but this is trash.

4. “What They Want” F/ 2 Chainz – This is the song you ride around to at two in the morning looking for someone to rob. The melody makes you believe you’re a gangster even though you sleep with a night light. 2 Chainz said it best: “This that four n—-z in a Regal flow.”

5. “Hoover Street” – It’s two songs in one but it works. Schoolboy Q tells us about growing up in Cali and I realized that all these rappers rap about the same uncle. And how their grandma was like their mother. The chorus is the best part again, however.

6. “Studio” F/ BJ The Chicago Kid – Probably my favorite song on the album. Its Kendrick’s “Poetic Justice” meets Drake’s “Brand New.” BJ on the hook is perfect. It makes you want to park one and call that somebody that you shouldn’t entertain.

7. “Prescription/Oxymoron” – “Prescription” is an interlude where Schoolboy raps about overdosing on pills, while his daughter is the background trying to wake him up. “Oxymoron” is him bragging about not selling crack anymore. Don’t you see the oxymoron? I adore “Prescription” and only use “Oxymoron” for the chorus (this is starting to become a thing).

8. “The Purge” F/ Tyler, The Creator & Pusha T – This should be solely Pusha’s song. Tyler is only on the hook and Schoolboy was not needed.

9. “Blind Threats” F/ Raekwon – It took to track nine before Schoolboy finally rides a beat. This is probably my second favorite song on this LP. Schoolboy Q and Raekwon on an old school East Coast beat riding it like a surfboard. Surfboard.

10. “Hell Of A Night” – When the trap meets EDM and parties in Houston, it becomes this song. And it’s crazy enough to work. You have the ‘WTF’ look on your face when it comes on, but by the end you are Miley Cyrusing (I should patent Miley Cyrusing).

11. “Break the Bank” – This sounds like it belongs on the 8 Mile soundtrack. Schoolboy falls off the beat for a second but he catches it in time for you to really dig this song.

12. “Man Of The Year” – Schoolboy’s second single and I see why. The chorus makes you want to bounce. The beat is great to hop in the Chevy and ride to. That’s about it though.

13. “His And Her Fiend” F/ Sza – Basically an interlude that I truly love. It’s one song I wish was longer and TDE first lady, SZA, is amazing.

14. “Grooveline, Pt. 2” F/ Suga Free – This is Nelly’s “Pimp Juice” minus the singing and corniness. It’s so degrading and loveable at the same time. That made no sense but who cares I like this song.

15. “F—k LA” – This song makes me wish it was given to Kendrick because Schoolboy seemed confused.

So what do I really feel about this album? It’s great rider music. It’s not very lyrical, just straight to the point. And that’s what makes it work. It’s great to see that Schoolboy’s album is different from Kendrick’s. Usually when it comes to rap groups, all of the members’ solo albums sound alike. That’s not the case here. So if you haven’t already, support the young lad. You will thank me later and I put that on vegan tacos. – Pooh Bailey

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