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Vanessa Elisha – “Midnight Swim”

by Miracle

VE - PRESS1(Photos By Vanessa Elisha)

Remember Australian beauty Vanessa Elisha? She was last on the site when her Don’t Go EP dropped back in June. Readers can view that post here. Now she’s ready to take on 2014 in the hopes that the new year will turn out just as good if not better than her breakout year did. To help jump start her new music cycle, Vanessa Elisha recently released a fresh single coined “Midnight Swim” produced by GXNXVS.

The production here is exemplary. The infrastructure is full of finesse with stylish frictionless musical ingredients, a dreamy tempo, and a mature vibe. The hook is estimable. Vanessa supplies quieted sexy vocals and straight to the point lyrics. The verses are entrancing. Vanessa carries on with her hushed luring melodies and utilizes equally attractive lyrics. She discloses her feelings for her main squeeze in a very flirtatious manner. A sprinkling of lines to be aware of are: “I might get jealous. But you know no one’s gone love you the way I do. The way I do. I might get undressed. The way you looking I see that you gone come through. You gone come through. Take it to the head. Don’t go. We about to start some trouble baby. Let the weed get past my soul. Smoke it up so we see double baby.” Those words right there make for a captivating opener. As a whole, this is a novel track and a choice way for Vanessa Elisha to start making her presence felt once again.


**My Two Cents: I was excited when I saw that there was a new submission from Vanessa. It has been a while and I’m a fan of her work. She did not disappoint. She showed a slight bit of improvement lyrically with this offering and her vocals were fabulous as always. Additionally, the production was the business. One of the best beats I’ve heard by GXNXVS thus far. Looking forward to hearing what else Vanessa has in store for us this year. -MinM

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